Dear/Darling Limit Testing – Cuckoldry and Closeness


Test your obedience and your limits in this shared daydream that delves into sharing your Mistress with another.



You’ll choose this session because you’re ready to have your obedience tested.

You will come along with me in a shared daydream focused on the swirling feelings of jealousy that surround cuckoldry.

And if sharing our bed with another man is an entirely easy fantasy to consider, then perhaps you’re better suited to a different limit testing scenario.

Dear is your trigger for obedience, an instruction to pay attention, and be ready to follow. It doubles as a secret term of endearment that can easily go unnoticed.
And Darling is your response, just as easy to say in any context, but letting me know that you will obey.

You can also learn this trigger without being pushed, in the Dear/Darling Trigger Setting session.

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