Orgasm Before Sleep Hypnosis Fractionation Session


Shift between two phases of sleep in moments at my command. Through the power of fractionation techniques, experience sexual release in a waking dream.


Explore two different stages of sleep in a wakeful hypnotic trance. Shift between these phases in moments at my command, through the power of fractionation techniques.

I will give you permission to play with yourself, and even to release. But whenever you are paralyzed and unable to play, I’ll make you my toy with hypnotic suggestion. I will guide you in your own sexual fantasy, and find your orgasm that way.

And once you’re spent, I will talk you down into a true, restful sleep. Make sure your alarm is set, before you press play!

What You Need to Know

This session describes a woman-on-top sexual encounter. It evokes the concept of Sleep Paralysis, and may be unsuitable for anyone who has experienced hallucinations and other negative results from that condition.

Orgasm Before Sleep uses music created for Elswyth, designed to promote a restful brain state with 2.5Hz alpha wave binaural beats. At the end of the session, this music transitions to an ambient brown noise before fading out completely.

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