Personalize your SbE Token (Uncensored)


Set your intention with your carefully chosen coin token.


You will need a coin, or similar, for this session.

For your first time through, you may use any coin.

I recommend using this session at least 3 times to set the intention. After, add it to your regular rotation so it stays sharp. 

The SbE Token is based on an older session where you set an intention with this coin. In the uncensored version this includes “entertaining yourself” to release. I’ve changed some of the language, plus it’s recorded in my upgraded studio.

This uncensored version of the session includes explicit talk and scenes that’s not safe for YouTube. This includes instructions for orgasmic release. It also removes the podcast introduction and outro.

Your coin will be used…

In games of chance, future sessions & podcast episodes. I’ll let you know when you need it handy.



Additional information