Soliloquy, ESP Visualisation


Let’s going to explore your creative mind, explore a new space together, and expand your ability to visualize in a state of hypnosis.



We’re going to explore your creative mind, as we explore a new space together. You will expand your ability to visualize in a state of hypnosis.

Instead of delving, falling, deeper and deeper, once you’re completely relaxed, we’ll climb up and up. We’ll do this so you can better understand the source of your Extraordinary Sensory Perception.

This session ends with an explicit instruction to write. Be sure to have your favourite pen, or your favourite keyboard, nearby.

Soliloquy is a pillar for reflection and discovery.

The Soliloquy Pillar is comprised of those sessions you make consider to be chicken-bone necklace wearing new age spiritual things. But, even if that isn’t your style (and, hey, I’m vegetarian!) you will likely learn something new about yourself.

I’m not a religious person in the traditional sense, although I do have a deep knowledge of a few faiths. It isn’t my goal to make anyone uncomfortable with past life, future life, or other magical/fantastical/spiritual sessions. I see it as part of honing the imagination and exploring together.  But, if that isn’t your cup o’ tea, you know that other pillars exist. I’ve put the colour-coded notecards to good work to flesh out different lines, my preference is to always build upon little mind games and hiding triggers or phrases in our play.

This one travels through you and to the place where you can uncover what you are meant to learn today. It can be used on its own, at a time of meditation. You can also visit this session to relax or open your mind before listening to other sessions.

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24 minutes