The Creativity Bundle


Expand your creativity with these mostly-vanilla sessions, because I want to help you grow as a whole person.



You’re already so used to my voice, guiding you to be who I need you to be. Moulding you into what you want to be for me. And while it’s so tempting to use that fact to lead you further down the bunny trail, I also want to give you the tools you need to grow. After all, it’s all about the whole person.

This bundle comprises of two mostly-vanilla sessions, both focussed on expanding your creativity. Over time, I may add more sessions. If you’d like to make a request as to which direction this series should go, in the future, you should contact me with your politely-worded suggestions.

Additional information


This Strange Bird Said


Two sessions, each at least 26 minutes long.


Creativity, Songwriting, Painting, Personal Development


Painting a Picket Fence