Something Different Hypnotic HFO


Sometimes release is just another way that you obey.
Come show off just how much you want to obey me.



Sometimes I want you to orgasm because you deserve a reward.
Sometimes I’m seeking our mutual pleasure.
But this time, I’m just making you do it.

And you’re thrilled that I can.

You’re powerless in the face of Femdom Hypnosis

This session offers constant reminders of how much more fun it is to obey. And that letting me take you into trance means I’ll always be able to control you.

I will implant the suggestion that after successfully reaching orgasm, you will come up and out of trance. And if you make it to the end of the session without release, I’ll still wake you up. Post hypnotic suggestion will lead you back to this session, when you’re ready to try again.
Something Different requires the Tick Tock Trigger setting, and also makes use of the Dear/Darling trigger, Naughty Bunny, Pour, Penetrate, and probably at least one more that I’ve forgotten.

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