Sabriel Session – The Slap – Femdom Hypnosis




Femdom hypnosis at it’s finest. Sabriel is my mind-controlled boyfriend. He just doesn’t know it. I have a craving that I want filled, a desire that doesn’t come naturally to my dearest one.

In “The Slap” I unlock another side of Sabriel.

It’s not topping from the bottom if mind control makes you do it.

This story reveals just how deep hypnotic conditioning can be. I’ll twist your desire to please me into a tale of rough sex. I’ll bring out the feral creature inside you and use him for my own carnal pleasure.

And then I’ll make you forget. Your thoughts and feelings belong to me.

Erotic and Hypnotic Storytelling for my Eternal Suitor

This session makes use of the Eternal Suitor Trigger for my Sabriel. It is part of the ongoing Sabriel Series.

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