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Checking the Diary Mon 25th May 2020 Spoken By Elswyth

The affirmations are coming! Almost vanilla, sissies, collared slaves, service subs, and more.. all geared towards making you the very best man (or.. um.. sissy) possible.  A few will be ONLY available on my site due to their delightfully erotic word choices.  Others will be early access and then public to everyone. My (almost) vanilla affirmations will be popping up asap because everyone can use something positive right now.

The fun thing about affirmations is they’re spoken in “I am..”  “I need..” type of statements.  What does this mean for you? It means you get to hear Mistress say ALLLL kinds of naughty things for you to repeat like a good trained toy. 

I’m working towards replacing my mic to make it easier to record often. City life in terraced housing creates interesting obstacles. If you want to help push along the progress join in here.  Thank you to those who have already pitched something into the pot. You’re wonderful.

“I am the owner of the perfect mic.”

“My environment is perfectly suited for my mic.”

“I record lots of files because my mic works in harmony with my space.”

Anyway, lots of love to you guys. It’s a bit of a silly weekend — I’m missing home, missing BBQs, and it has taken me over two hours to finish uploading this check-in. My doggo is missing the hillside and going camping (in a tent, I’m hardy!) so she has insisted on many games of fetch this morning. 


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