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Checking the Diary – Wed 10th June

The diary check is slooowly making its way online. This day has been derailed by endless phone calls and phone tag. I don’t know if there’s anything quite like phone tag to devour time in a blah way.

Most of the personal files have gone out and the remaining will be soon. I suspect the SbE rhythm will be quiet during the first 10-odd days of the month. A lot of that time is spent messaging privately the Patrons who have opted for personal files. It’s following up on their “homework” and feedback from previous files. All of it is good.


Annnd.. it’s online.

Listen Here.

5 thoughts on “Checking the Diary – Wed 10th June

  1. Blue absolutely blue!

    1. Dark or light?

      1. So Empress? As a not so closeted sadist, what’s on your bucket list for a devout masochist? Please? Asking for a friend after too many shots…

  2. Dark

  3. And for the record? You have really cute feet!

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