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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Episode Notes

Note: Due to everyone in the world moving during July, my internet access has been a major pain in the rear. I thought I’d have decent internet again by July 10th. It turns out this home has the lines cut to it so it’d require access to multiple gardens (aka back yards) and such to get it going… and could take MONTHS. I decided to try out another provider and, of course, it requires waiting on a delivery. Fingers crossed by the 14th I’m back to the modern world and off of this trickly-aggravatingly slow internet hotspot I have at the moment. That is why production has been off for this month, but should be ticking along as normal shortly. Thanks to those checking in during my absence. I haven’t fallen off the earth, just fallen into the same thing others are dealing with now as everything seems backlogged, backordered, etc. Even my desk chair has a 2+ week wait.

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Mistress Elswyth is a trained hypnotherapist and lifestyle Mistress. You’ll experience an authentic hypnosis trance experience. She rewards all of her followers with similar pet treatment she gives her everyday life partners — plenty of mind-melting and pleasurable sensations blended in with aftercare and re-rebuilding you.

This file is for those dealing with imposter syndrome. What is imposter syndrome? It is when you doubt your accomplishments or feel like a fraud. Guess what? Many, many people deal with this issue and just never tell anyone else.

Why vanilla files? Because at the heart of this, I’m a hypnotherapist who just happens to be a Mistress. I feel like we all deserve good, happy lives. I do think play is important for that PLUS working on any issues that steal our joy. Imposter syndrome is one of those. With the personal files I get an intimate look at what people want to work on in their lives… and when a certain topic comes up enough, I usually decide to release a public version.

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