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Saturday Eunoia

If you didn’t start your day with a cup o’ something and mindfulness, you better start over.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Eunoia

  1. Love the hashtags!

    1. Thanks! I s’pose I should take them seriously, but it’s difficult! Want to recommend a few?

  2. My favourites are the whimsical and fun ones,
    “Sexhashtagsforthewin” made me laugh. Then I looked up “figging” !!!! Is that really a thing? You teach me something everyday.

    1. Of course it is! I will say, it isn’t as intense as adult stories would let on, but it’s still fun. You need freshly peeled ginger.

      I think this is similar to how so many erotica stories describe a male’s orgasm as “white hot”. I had VERY high expectations for semen my first time (and then, belatedly, realised it’d be body temp – duh.) I also had the social grace to say “wait? is that ALL?” when I first saw the amount.,. again.. naughty stories led me to believe it’d be QUITE the show. And then, later, learned that it varies by dude and so on… My first is probably still working through the trauma of having an overly analytical girlfriend as his first. 😉

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