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CtD – Riddle, Shoutouts, News, and Fleshlights

Checking the Diary October 21 2020

If you can’t solve the incredibly easy riddle, give yourself a few spanks. If you love spanks, and you solved the riddle, give yourself a few spanks. If you love showing off your behind, give me a pic. Love, Mistress

If you do not consent to any type of pain punishment — drink some caffeine and TRY THE VERY EASY riddle again. If…. you do not drink caffeine.. well, I don’t know if we can be friends? Try spanks and send me a pic, I’ll decide then. Love (again), Mistress.

5 thoughts on “CtD – Riddle, Shoutouts, News, and Fleshlights

  1. No reward for the non masochists that get it right? 😉

    1. Cookie. You keep me on my toes. I’d love to keep you on yours, have you seen “ballet boots”? (That wouldn’t be masochism.. it’s *fashion*).

  2. Dear Mistress,

    What if we think maybe we’ve solved the riddle but feel like our answer is a little too obvious, so that we aren’t sure? And where would you want said pictures to be sent? Your command is my wish.

    Sincerely yours,


    1. My email is spokenbyelswyth @gmail – kind of an easy one to figure out.. especially due to the fact it is in the “polite notes” section. The answer is ridiculously obvious, not a lot of thought went into that particular riddle. I have a handful of others floating about that I plan to tuck into other Checking the Diary sessions. I had originally planned to use them for a week of Eunoia, but they’re truly not fit for that purpose.

      1. Dear Mistress,

        I apologize for the dumb question. Sometimes being both submissive and neurotic is a bad combination — in my desire not to do things wrong and displease you, I wasted your time with what should have been an obvious question.

        Sincerely yours,


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