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Tuesday Eunoia – Fairy Glen Continued..

timelaps photo of waterfalls

Yesterday we set the scene and today we begin the work. Let’s learn more about you as we turn over our first Oracle card.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Eunoia – Fairy Glen Continued..

  1. Would love to be bound to you and put under your spells and Enchanted.

    1. You will love the week of January 25th. I have dedicated it to Welsh Valentine’s and St. Dwynwen…. and love spells. Supposedly she was the most beautiful out of her 20’ish sisters and, true to Welsh mythology, she doesn’t have a traditional happy ending. I think every single Welsh Goddess ends up with not-so-great endings.. a bit suspicious, eh? But we will celebrate her, love spells (a special kind of prayer), and more that week.

      St. Dwynwen invites us to have three wishes. I’ve merrily celebrated this day since moving to Wales and have placed a special wish on it. We will see if that particular wish is met by that day (14 days to go!). It is a goal that I set for “Spoken by Elswyth” and it’s very, very close to happening. The other two wishes will remain secret!

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