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Thursday Eunoia – Oracle – Fairy Glen

woman in white dress sitting on tree branch during night time

And we continue…

8 thoughts on “Thursday Eunoia – Oracle – Fairy Glen

  1. Still – as far as arriving at your destination is concerned, there is no difference between following a true guide and knowing the way. (BTW That’s one of Walker Percy’s arguments in favor of religious faith.)

    1. I’m pretty sure that Percy is Catholic. I can say if the current Pope started preaching locally that I’d be likely to attend. Although I disagree with some of his political moves, I do find his humanity to be compelling. I also like that Catholicism is often explained as a three-legged stool instead of simply relying upon one thing (which has gone through many translations and bias). Oh, my.. started with Eunoia and ended talking about the Pope.

      1. You never cease to surprise me. Yes – in Pope Francis one can once again “hear the voice of the Good Shepherd speaking from the Seat of Peter” (as Karl Barth said of Pope John XXIII.) Although doctrinally he’s still conservative, his heart is with those who suffer most and his focus is on aiding them.

      2. Now I’m wondering… which part surprised you? Here’s my other Pope(ish) related fact. I’ve been to Italy multiple times, even lived there a short while, and have only been to Rome for the airport. I still haven’t seen Rome proper which means when my friends share about their Italy trips I have nothing at all in common with them. I get a lot of “you haven’t seen ___????” Although with my umm… interest.. in statues maybe I should stick to natural scenery and avoid the tourist bits.

        I hear the same from Americans who ask me if I’ve been to Ireland. (Yes, I have. Only the airport tho.) Covid needs to hurry up and be dealt with so I can travel again. This bit about sticking within 5 miles of one’s home is getting a smidge old. Bunny even had a friend get fined for taking a long cycle ride.

      3. Mindlessly*, I forgot your attachment to Italy; I was surprised to hear you take such interest in Roman Catholicism. Religion is a big part of my life, and always has been, but I rarely encounter strong interest in it in circles such as ours.
        *(I wonder if I should hold you at least partly responsible. For my progressing mindlessness, I mean.)

      4. My interest is from a broad knowledge of religion, not due to current practice. I’d say it is similar to someone who can play the piano due to lessons throughout childhood and study into university, but no longer owns one or cares to acquire one. My current opinions on religion are mixed, mostly because I do know it offers comfort and gives routine/guidance to many — it can also be used to negatively influence lives of people who do not have any spiritual beliefs. I know prayer offers clarity in much the same way as flipping a coin, oracle cards, or even reading tea leaves. It provides a way to focus the thoughts/wants/etc.

  2. You’re incredibly my Goddess, how do you know what’s going on in this poor servant’s mind.

    1. Magic, of course. What else could it be? One happy harem member even designed a MtG card in my honour.

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