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Eunoia – Reach Out

man lying on floor with hands reaching out

Ack. The delay for today’s Eunoia rests on the shoulders of HP. Actually, I s’pose that isn’t fair. It’s mostly on my shoulders for being in denial about my laptop. My laptop that has crossed the ocean a few times, enjoyed loads of video chats, and endless hours as part of the freelance crowd in the cafe — is dying. Maybe it’s pining for the days of backpack life and indie coffee shop music? (I now have a Monty Python sketch in my head – my fav one too!)

It appears the bitcoin, etc, miners have made it ridiculously awkward to shop for a PC. While I am sure I’ll have more coffeeshop days, the reality of Covid has meant over a year of WFH and setting up my environment for it. If you told 2019 me that I would be choosing home office life over my local cafe I would have said “no way”. I also would have scoffed at the idea of wanting a decent graphics card, monitor (I had zero idea they had various mhz), etc.

The new PC should arrive around the end of the month. Meanwhile, my laptop limps on.

It also fits in with today’s Eunoia theme regarding rekindling relationships. I had a moment.. or two.. of being swept up by the Mac love affair before remembering WHY I broke it off after our three-year fling. You see, it decided to be a butt about battery swelling and keys popping off. For a diva that expensive, I needed more from the relationship.

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