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Permissive Circumstance, July 20th

I wonder how quickly I’d bore you all if I talked about the weather? Until this hot spell breaks it’s too hot to do much other than read.
If you’ve picked up a new fiction book since the start of July, you have my permission today.
(I started Wheel of Time, for the third time!)

I’ve been hearing some personal records from a few of you about chastity records, and they inspired me somewhat. If you can go ten, or thirty, or even one-hundred and eighty-eight days without release, perhaps even locked up in that tight little cage, then there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to indulge you with a stipulation for relief on a daily basis.

It takes six to eight weeks to build a habit, this I am all too aware of after reflecting on that fact in my personal life, with partners, and professionally.

So, days since Mistress forgot (or didn’t get around to) posting a Permissive Circumstance: 001

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