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Eunoia (September 29th), Another Chance

In this chapter, Second Hand Embarrassment and Second Chances.


Today is Wednesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our playtime together. Although we do get plenty of playful moments here. Send you notes through Patreon, or the SpokenByElswyth website to be included in the listen section. And continue on to Obey, for the Homework, Permissive Circumstance, etcetera.

So, first of all I reached ninety Patrons out of my hundred-Happy Harem. Uhhh… and thanks to Testing123, for making that happen. Want to bet that I’ve attracted another sound guy?

Okay, so… Geoff, which might not be Geoff and it might be Joff, I’m having one of those moments. Sometimes I swear that I was meant to just stay in small town America, and do nothing else. So, Geoff-Joff, hello. I’ve been putting this off because, well… do you know the second-hand embarrassment of watching someone sing at a wedding even if they’re objectively good? Or is that just me?

Well, Geoff-Joff did something amazing. He wrote an actual song, and it’s called Shared Headspace. And he has recorded it and shared it with me and it’s wonderful. I’ve had poems and photographs, and drawings, and goodness, even people sharing their baking adventures with me, this creativity. And I don’t mean to belittle any of those things when I say; there’s nothing much more soul-baring than sitting down with just a guitar and your own voice and words.

That’s why people like MTV Unplugged right? Or liked them. When was the last time they made one of those, anyway? I don’t even know if MTV is still going on, but I do recall a few, and anyway… let’s skip over that, it has nothing to do with Femdom, or Hypnosis. But, you know I love the creativity. The shared creativity is fantastic.

Alas, I don’t have permission to share that with you all. Ummm, let’s find out if our Joff-Geoff is agreeable to allowing me to share it. If so, then you’ll get to hear it.

Now, onto Obey. I counted a handful of Spoken for Elswyth Entreaties yesterday afternoon, and received handful of promises that it would come soon. I know, I know, that I have more eager men looking for Permission than that. So breaking out the lazy for me, but work for you card… in obedience.

Your homework is that you have another chance today. You will record yourself saying the Entreaty, but today you also need to punctuate your recording with  a heartfelt apology for not  doing it yesterday. If you already did this Homework, well then you’re certainly full of all sorts of warm and positive feelings from knowing that you’ve pleased me, so you don’t need permission for anything else, right?

And for those of you hopelessly confused about what this Permissive Circumstance means, it’s this… I give you a PC for the day, and if you meet it, or have met it, for instance… once upon a time it was something like “If you’ve had a glass of water today”. If you’ve met it, you have my Permission for release… yummy, wonderful… release. I think that’s pretty clear, right?

You know that YouTube is a pain in the you-know-what… and sometimes it catches the oddest things. So for those of you in the comments section asking if I’ll put an HFO, JOI or whatever else on YouTube, the answer is… “No”. I don’t monetize my YouTube channel or whatever else, I don’t care… most of my stuff just goes through Patreon and the website. There is plenty of free content on the website, all you have to do is click over there and you can listen to whatever.

So, that’s a Permissive Circumstance. If you record yourself, today, as part of your Homework, you’ve met the Permissive Circumstance. Now, what is this entreaty? For those of you who have not heard it, you get to hear it now. I want you to find your most submissive… in public, like real public, like… we’re sitting at the train station, yes I have a thing for trains, or we are walking through the park. Maybe we’re at the mall, maybe we’re in a café. Imagine somewhere for us to be. Public though, people around. With proper social distancing.

Now, you’re in that spot, right? You’re with me. Don’t make me be all by myself, you get over here with me, okay? Now… be in your most submissive while in public pose, and let’s take in a nice, deep breath, and let it out gently.

And again. And out.

And one more deep one in. And out.

Find your regular breathing pattern. Relax. I’m not that scary, besides, we’re in public. And now I lean in closer to you, and say softly…

Oh Darling Elswyth, you who awaken and enthral,
Logomantic sorceress from whom good things come.

You have promised to enrapture and bind with words,
To furnish your faithful, floating follower with a felicitous  future.

My mind is a hearth, your nestled word runes are the coals.
My fire sustained by their smouldering presence, fuel forwarding my path.

This entreaty is Spoken for Elswyth, hear of my want.

Well done, now go record yourself.

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