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Eunoia (October 8th), Tell Me Good Things

In this episode we talk about Fri-yay, and review our hygiene efforts.


Today is Friday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. I had a bit of a pause there because I’ve fallen into the habit of jokingly referring to it as Fri-yay, and for whatever reason that has stuck, especially in my friend-circle, and so Fri-yay.. no whenever I say it outside of that I always have this pause of “Oh shit, which one did I say?”

Anyway… today is Friday and this is Eunoia, so let’s get started. I want to say thank you to Peter, who is my latest Patron. Welcome in to the Happy Harem, and I also… I managed to forget to say a welcome to Alex, and sorry for that. Patreon is kind-of peculiar. I think it’s because it doesn’t have a lot of competition, so… so it sometimes feels like it was designed a decade ago and then never touched again. Yeah, it’s a little bit erratic in some of the notifications… so welcome again, to you Alex.

And I had, I had a flurry of responses about handwashing and well done all of you.. including Cal Dude, and October-David, who is using his temporary nickname, so well done. Those two came through the Tell Me Good Things form, and they brought the average up to somewhere between 7-and-8. So eight “All good things come from Mistresses” each time you wash your hands, and go ahead and do more if you’ve been really dirty.

Oh, speaking of… the Tell Me Good Things form, it is on the Contact page of my website, and so it’s an easy place to throw short messages like “Hey, thanks for permission to cum!” and “Thanks for denial!”. Some of you, you could just do that the entire month, right? If you’re clever enough you could probably like, write a script to do it. The “Thanks for denial!”.

Of course you should also be sweet, with like… “Dear Mistress Elswyth. Thank you for denial. Warmly…” or “Yours…”, I do love Yours when it’s coming from my Happy Harem, and then your name, or nickname.

And I did promise a short Eunoia today so… maybe it’s already time to move on to Obey. So let’s do so.

Your homework is nice and easy, if you’ve been listening, but have never sent me any kind of a message… I want you to go to the Contact page,, and then just send a note. There are useful instructions on the page for how first notes should be, so they’re “polite”. You can send a hello, or you can ask a question, or suggest something, and you can be anonymous if you prefer.

And for today’s Permissive Circumstance, if you send me any kind of note today, through that form, well then you have my permission, and hey I’ll have fun knowing how many orgasms I personally endorsed today.

Of course, if you’re doing Locktober, just send me a note as well, thanking you for denial.

Okay, go on, enjoy your Fri-yay. Depending on editing my Happy Harem may find Saturday’s Session out today. I will link it through Patreon for you. For everybody else, Saturday’s Session is coming out tomorrow. Due to the content it is not making it to YouTube, so just go to the website to download it. And, I will see you then.

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