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Eunoia (November 12th) – Ex-Pats and Immigrants

Today I ramble about late-night TV and movie choices, and specifically Boss Level.

So that “Random NSFW” Reddit Link is right here.


Today is Friday and this is Eunoia, spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon, or the website to be included in the listen sections, and then continue on to obey, you know… because it’s good for you.

First off, welcome to my newest Happy Harem member, Meeky… who went ahead and joined for a full year, taking up yet another lovely spot, gone… you know, once I hit a hundred, I won’t have to do shout-outs for new members. That’s actually… well, I don’t know, is that a good thing? Or not a good thing… we’ll see what happens.

The Affirmations Series Two poll, it is going up today, so make sure you head over to Patreon, vote on that. So last night, I’m one of those people… I know that all of the lockdowns and stuff really got me to the point that I wanted to share a bit more of these cultural experiences with folks. I live, as most of you know, I am… I don’t call myself an ex-pat. I call myself an immigrant. All the Americans like to be ex-pats. British people usually like to be ex-pats too. Nobody wants to be an immigrant.

Anyway, I am one. I live here in the UK. If I go to see a comedian, like I’ve been to see Stewart Lee and so on. They name-drop, so much. Like, everybody who lives on the island knows everybody else on the island, and I don’t. Or if you watch, and maybe it’s like this in America, but I just didn’t watch enough TV like this. If you watch, like, a game show, or some of these celebrity things like Masterchef and such, they… again, it’s like everybody knows everybody, ’cause everybody watches the same things.

Anyway, so… I did get into that, yes. I watched umm… oh shit, what’s his name? Um… the Joe Exotic guy, I can’t remember the name of the show, I refuse to look it up. I watched that. I watched Squid Game, I don’t know… I just kept up with stuff. I usually have something else going on at the same time, so it just works.

But last night it was one of those days where it’s just like… I don’t wanna go to bed, I don’t wanna go do something fun. And I had a couple of friends who were all like “Let’s watch something!” so it’s like… okay. One of them was like “Oh, yeah, The Wheel of Time has come out, and I have really been enjoying those books so it’s like “Uh, yeah… and I also want to see what some of the characters look like.” I think there’s a good bit of eye candy going on in Wheel of Time.

So, sat down… ready to watch it, and is it out? Turns out the 19th is a whole different day than the 9th. So I ended up watching… I ended up watching “Boss Level”. Now, I will say… yeah, there’s some eye-candy that goes on with that. He’s not really my type though, and that… in Boss Level, most of it was good, ’cause it wasn’t like, all dark and mysterious and whatever else. But the ending was so bad. I’m not spoiling it, but the ending to me was so bad, because it’s like… let’s use all of our gadgetry and all of our special effects on everything, single like… shoot-’em-up explosion scene and then at the end it’s like… now we’re done.

It’s kinda like erotica that leads up and the story’s good and you get in it, and it’s like… okay, then he came and it’s all over. It’s that. Michelle Yeoh is in the Boss Level one, which… she was fun to see her. She’s in the Shang-Chi, the… Marvel? I think… the Marvel movie. I have a habit of calling it the Pokémon Marvel movie, she’s in that as well. So, nice to see her. Okay… rambling almost over.

Tomorrow is the Fear of Being Naked coming out. It’s going out for free on the podcast, so make sure you find that one. For homework today, your homework is to tell me my favourite day of the week and to tell me the one cutesy word that I use for one of the days of the week. If you can do those two things you’ve met your homework. If you can’t I guess you can just randomly go back and listen to Eunoias until you find it. Good luck.

The Permissive Circumstance… sorry… okay, the Permissive Circumstance, first of all… don’t do this at work! Unless you work from home on your own device, do not do this in work, do not do this on the train, or somebody could be looking over your shoulder, though then again… really? You shouldn’t be doing a lot of the Permissive Circumstance stuff that way if it’s an action, right? Because it just leads to permission.

Okay, I learned a trick. I love to give you good things so I’m sharing it with you. If you go to Reddit… if you don’t know what Reddit is, okay… that’s part of your homework now, you’re in for a shock. If you’ve never gone onto Reddit here, just know that the first initial impression you get from it is not what you have to keep.

Like, you unsubscribe from a bunch of stuff, you subscribe to a bunch of other stuff, you kinda make it your own. Imagine going to… a buffet, and right there is everything you see but you only pick up the things you want, you can totally reconfigure it to what meets, to what you want it to be.

Mine is this amazing blend of everything. So here’s the trick… go to Reddit, and you type RandNSFW. Then, guess what you get? You get a random, yep, random… NSFW… NSFW by the way stands for Not Safe For Work… subreddit. So there, that’s your Permisive Circumstance. You have my permission today, but you only get to look at whatever Reddit gives you for entertainment. And for my entertainment, do not share the pictures! I don’t wanna see all of them on a Friday.

Well, unless you get a good one. If you get a good one and you know me, share that picture. But you need to share with me, for my entertainment, what you ended up getting. Okay, have a wonderful Friday, a wonderful weekend, enjoy tomorrow. Thanks again Meeky for joining us over in the Happy Harem, y’all need to go vote over on Patreon and I will see you for Eunoia on Tuesday, but Monday for our next MCF.

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