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A Grand Plan – Day 92

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast, dedicated to making my perfectly submissive guy.

Today is Day 92. Okay, thanks to everyone who participated yesterday and sent me the motivational mottos and so on. That’s a lot of fun, and as well… thank you for some of the feedback that has come in from the Patron only podcast. As you know about the poll and so on.

Anyway, fantastic ideas but the honest truth for today is I am buried in something that I need to get recorded, so that way my dear overworked editor can have it down before holiday time, and the queen has a birthday and everything else that needs squeezed in.

So, I thought I would just answer this question that keeps popping up. The question is… why did I move? So it’s not anti-US. I did move during a time when a lot of people threatened to leave the US. I really like, you know, America, I loved… I love the people of the deep south.

As you know I love an old fashioned gentleman type when it comes to manners. Not so much everything else. I love people up North because you talk fast! And I spent some time out along the Rocky Mountains, and there’s… yeah, there’s a different feeling there too. I’ve not had the pleasure of travelling around Europe and other countries as much, so I can’t really wax lyrical about everywhere else.

I can tell you that Greek men happen to be some of the most romantic, like… effortlessly romantic in the world, I swear. I’ve not been to Greece. I’m afraid that if I go there I will collect too many husbands. So, anyway… for me. Why did I move to the UK? It definitely wasn’t for the sunshine, or the crazy-ass slugs that seem to be five inches long. Or to practice my Celsius. Kilograms, kilometres, and all of that.

It was for a kinda boring reason. You ready? You sitting? A job. So, there you go. Like many people who move, it’s all about money in the end. I also had a question, somebody asked me what my aspirations happened to be. And this, a little bit, ties into yesterday so I apologise for the cheese. But it seems like the cheesiest sayings are the ones that stick with me.

This one is… my aspiration; success is living the life you want to live. It’s simple, right? And it can touch on so many people. I don’t… I don’t have, I don’t know; once upon a time, you know, it used to be about so many other things that you just felt that you needed to do. And, maybe it’s the pandemic, maybe it’s just god-knows what, but… euch. So much of it is just… so… stupid.

So I like to make sure I’m always seeing the bigger picture. I like to make sure I’m being good to me. Good to those around me. Ummm… and helping those around me also be good to themselves. You know, and just choosing that life, that life you actually want to live.

Now with that said, I really would like to have a canal boat. Those of you have been with me for quite a while will know that that is one of my aspirations. Now, I suspect this little project of ours, it needs to grow more before I decide I’m going to be a canal-boat nomad. So your task for today is to write, literally write, so you gotta pick up… pen, paper, crayon. Lipstick? Ah… that’s wasteful.

You have to write down what success is for you. However, we’re defining success today by the life you want to live. And don’t just do the cliché, okay? Just don’t… you owe it to yourself, and you owe it to me, me, who’s been very honest with you…. the truth.

What is it?

And your Permissive Circumstance for today is… no. I have too much work to do, so the idea of you being a good boy, and keeping your hands off of your cock, it makes me happy. No release for today.

Alright, so… that is it for our Femdom Hypnosis Podcast for today. And like I said, there is that new session hopefully it’s coming out very soon. It is a lot of fun, and I know we’re going to enjoy it.

1 thought on “A Grand Plan – Day 92

  1. Darling Elswyth…
    Wonderful to hear part of Your Life Story… Thank You…
    In answer to Your query: I am Living my Best Life as a Shepherd…
    When in the process of doing the-next-right-thing, a person doesn’t find Destiny; Destiny finds you…
    btw… I know a Lady in England, who lived and started a business on a canal boat, and I’ll send You her contact information in a PM later…
    Thank You for this Posting…!
    Your’s All Ways…
    The Cat Shepherd

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