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Am I Experiencing Mind Control Hypnosis?

So that you know well in advance, there will be no podcast episodes next week (starting Monday 15th). I will be on a beach, and my keyboard, fancy new headphones, and microphone don’t play nicely with sand and salty water.

This week’s Wednesday and Friday episodes will be out as normal, and after that I’ll be back on Monday the 22nd.


Good morning my dear. It is morning. This is the freshest episode on the podcast because my weekend didn’t allow for work, just pleasure. But we’re going to talk more about pleasure in E019. Today’s episode is about experiencing hypnosis.

Yes, I know. Some of you are like “isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along here, Mistress?” It is, but I want to give you some inside bits to mull over for your Monday.

But I have a task for you, first. I want you to stop playing this episode. Go find the song Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin. I might be saying that wrong. A.P.L.I.N. Throw some headphones on and play it through at least once. For whatever reason, Spotify decided this song should follow Big Bad Wolf and it’s made my morning. Who doesn’t want some undying death defying love? 

So go on. I’ll wait. Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin. 

Welcome back to episode 16.

So how do you experience hypnosis? First off, my task is to remember that people are not boxes. Or checklists. Or categories. This is where Patreon and email come into play for me.

My very early followers, from back in 2020, spent endless conversations with me going over what works, what doesn’t, and how they experience hypnosis at a distance. Prior to that time, my experience had all been in everyday life – but I’m sure y’all remember what happened in 2020, right? Right. So online femdom hypno became my research project of sorts.

And wow, what willing fellow researchers I’ve always had on hand. I’m not kidding when I say you’re my muse. You are. I fucking love femdom. It’s not just for the practical perks and the sexual satisfaction perks, but for the never-ending thrill of being outside of the box.  Meeting a genuinely submissive man, not a doormat we’re not talking about a beaten down by life kind of man, we’re talking about the man who has a lot to offer and finds his happiness in giving it. Open, willing, trainable. 

Now with erotic hypnosis you’ve got a person saying, “yes, please, get inside of my head” and who wouldn’t love everything about that? Even better, I have you telling me exactly how to get inside of your head.

The Femdom Hypnosis Process

It’s no secret that my version of femdom hypno has a lot of variation. Just like my fetishes, I don’t have a top three list. I have a “today is Monday, and it’s a bit cloudy, so I want X” kind of swing, you know? But there are a few constants, because there needs to be.

I like descriptive details. These include things like… sights. You know, clean… dirty, dark, bright, crowded, alone.

Sounds. Usually easily imagined, you know… this is an Auditory Experience, so I also like (especially this season) playing more with sounds.

And scents. Scents, of course, it can define the scene. What are the clichés? The salt air for the beach, and… pine, the evergreen forest smell. It’s like going through a Yankee Candle shop, right? Just, I use those… I like those, scent is very important.

I tend to almost always wear the same perfume. I’ve branched out a little bit. Thank you for those who’ve used my wishlist for that. But for the most part I wear the same perfume all the time. That is one of my scents.

And then of course you have like… taste. You know, talking about the taste of my lip gloss, or salt on the skin, it can make those kisses and licks and nibbles way more realistic.

Now, it may surprise you that these senses can be experienced in different ways. I may describe a sight and you don’t see it, but you do feel the essence of it around you. Perhaps the scene described is a person bound to a 3-legged stool in the middle of a large room, the ceilings are high, the other people are pushed back against the walls, watching silently, and the only light comes from the candles they’re holding. Okay, okay, this is starting to sound sinister. But for some reason, for some, they can easily see that visualization and even place themselves on the stool or perhaps be one of the watchers along the walls. For others, it is more of what it’d feel like to be in that place, they don’t see it but they do experience the feeling of being there.

It is possible to have aphantasia and still experience hypnosis. Aphantasia is when your imagination is basically.. Blind. So you may “see” my description as a collection of words, actions, concepts. Instead of the trees, you remember what a forest is. Trees bark, pine needles, the scent. Like a collection of “this makes up a forest”. So, for me, hitting on as many senses as possible, without it feeling like a boring writing exercise, it heightens the hypnosis experience. 

Now I want you to clear your mind, as much as you are able, before I go on. So go ahead and lets do 3 deep breaths together. In, out. In, Out, In, out.

A Free Femdom Hypnosis Exercise

Now imagine this…

The struggle makes you sweaty.  (repeat)

How many senses did you pull into play with that little daydream? 

There’s also the power of suggestion – both direct and inferential. If I simply said

You’re getting sleepy. You feel aroused. You pull down your trousers and start masturbating.. Furiously.. And now you orgasm. You feel like the most submissive man in the world.  You will be my loyal subject forever. You send me 100 dollars. You feel happy.  Can you imagine?    Oh, wait, if for some nutty reason that little direct hypnosis exercise worked on you, my apologies if you managed to cum all over your work desk.

You’re a clever one. If I just simply tell you that “you begin to feel pleasure and more aroused” your first reaction might be why? And “no, I’m not”. It’s a dance. 

Now a nice lead in and talking to you about my fingertips, trailing down your body, making small swirls as I get closer to my goal.. And then say I want you to think of the feeling of a hitachi magic wand or a small bullet vibrator, those deep rumbling vibrations… and feel it now wherever my finger touches you. Start at your shoulder. Down, over your chest. Tracing around and over a nipple? Down over your stomach. Know that as I tip my head back to talk to you, looking up at you, whispering to you, that I’m inviting you to kiss me .. whispering, inviting, even as that vibrating finger continues lower and connects with the tip of your cock. 

See? Stitching together sensations works. And I know this because of your feedback. So thank you again for being my muse and you can thank me for that erection you have now. 

Your task for today is to go back and listen to Power of Love again. The permissive circumstance is you can, BUT, only while listening to that song. So you can set it to repeat for the next hour, and have the best time of your life, but it only counts for today.

Coming up soon, Episode 17 is going to introduce you to more sensation play as I introduce a new rebuke to our repertoire of triggers. There will be a full-length session on the podcast that day as well as.. Uh.. firmer.. Sterner? Rebukes offered on the website. These triggers will be woven into other sessions, as always the session description tells you what to have on hand. But everyone should at least have the basic one down. We can’t have you getting away with naughtiness.

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