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Getting Longer An Auditory Experience Release 2

You can find Getting Longer in the shop and enjoy two episodes this weekend. Or prepare for the experience with the POUR trigger setting and Dear/Darling.


Today is Episode 15. And it’s been three weeks, nine episodes, since the release of Getting Longer: An Auditory Experience.

Now, I won’t talk about this session too much, for fear of spoilers. The first Getting Longer had a narrative for sure, but it wasn’t exactly about storytelling. Instead, in last season’s Gettign Longer, each 5-minute segment was something like a little vignette that just followed along from the previous one, added to the end. I really enjoyed the process, but it almost felt… modular. I could have changed any part and it wouldn’t have made much difference to the whole.

I’m still really proud of the first Getting Longer, but I wouldn’t be happy with just repeating that formula again. So this new series is much more focused on telling a story, and that story is of a series of visits, your visits, to a hypnotist dominatrix, in her home.

And that first release is about the first visit, the expectations put on you, how you feel when you arrive, and your first experience in her Listening Room. I had a lot of fun picking out music for the different sections, and even more fun plotting out the whole narrative for twelve episodes. It’s good experience for if Netflix ever call me up. You know, asking me to be the writer-slash-director of my own pseudo-biographical mini-series.

And today I’m releasing the second instalment. Those of you who already bought or earned Getting Longer will be able to find that on their Downloads page. There’s some surprises in store for you, so I’m going to wait to talk about the way I’m approaching this new series until… three weeks from now when release three comes out. But it is about differentiating this project from last season’s Getting Longer.

Your task for today is go over to the website and download the new Getting Longer release. If you’re not ready for that, your task is to practice either the POUR trigger, or the Dear/Darling trigger setting.

And your Permissive Circumstance for today is, yes. For the whole weekend, in fact. Who can say why? Perhaps I’m just feeling happy about all the little snail doodles in my email inbox? I love all of them, thank you.

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