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Mistress Makes Me…

Mentioned in this episode, the newly available Cultivating Stoicism. Learn more about the great scholars and how to be internally invincible, through the lens of Femdom Hypnosis.


Welcome to Episode 14. Mistress Makes Me Blush. Mistress Makes Me Squirm. Mistress Makes Me Hard. Mistress Makes Me Improve Myself.

I do, don’t I? I mean, you may have just stumbled in here because you wanted a new way to cum, right? But this is about the whole relationship, and… it has to be about the whole you. All these little bits and pieces, they all influence each other. And it’s easy to say you’re improving in your submission, right? While still ignoring important things that deserve to be improved.

So if you decide that you can’t be bothered to stick with your exercise goals. You can’t be bothered to get a good night’s sleep. You don’t have the discipline to make sure that, I don’t know… you’re getting out in the morning and making sure you’re getting some of that morning light into your yourself. It completely robs me of the best version of you. Not saying you have to be a morning person, but I am saying that you need to be somebody that’s… always growing.

Especially if you want to continue to be here with me. Now, I know that change can sometimes be uncomfortable. It requires stretching past what you know. But, every step, small big, whatever… it’s still part of the process of becoming the best version of you. And that’s my standard.

Now, bettering yourself for growing, it doesn’t mean changing the core of who you are. I mean, I don’t really want to change the essence of you. But I do like having this blend. So, you know… we have our sissy training, we have Locktober coming up. We have… we have, I have, a very, very fun session coming up that has some bootlicking in it. I mean, we do all the things, right?

But the feedback to things like Inner Advisor, it tells me you’re kind of starving yourself. And when you do that, it means you can’t be the creative self that you should be.

If you dare argue to me that you can’t be creative, I’m going to tell you the problem is you are consuming way too much. You might be consuming YouTube, you might be consuming television, you might be consuming the coworkers daily gossip in your ear. You’re consuming, consuming, consuming. And if you do too much of that, you can’t be producing.

And now producing does not have to be a novel. It doesn’t have to be building an elaborate bed that has a place underneath with the door that you can open and shut, and like… lock. Not like a solid door because that wouldn’t be good. I’m talking about like, bars… for airflow.

You could also, you could produce and omelette, well then yeah, you could consume it. You can produce, I don’t know, a doodle. If you’re sitting at your desk right now, grab your pen, grab some paper, doodle… a snail.

Vanilla Tasks for Kinky Guys

Oh, shit, that’s your task for today. Doodle a snail. And your Permissive Circumstance is that if you have already doodled something for today, you have my permission.

There we go, knocked that one out, didn’t we?

So anyway, the reason I’m talking about growing, and growth, is because I have a few… I used to call these like “vanilla” sessions, but they’re not always vanilla. We’re just going to call them self growth. They still fall under the Femdom Hypnosis heading. It’s still about this wonderful Female Led Relationship. And, it’s also about you. Now, you growing, improving, it doesn’t just benefit me. It does benefit those in your social circle and everyday life. So quit thinking, of course, about all the boring ones. You know, the same New Years Resolutions over and over and over again. Don’t think of those when you think of growth. Think of the snail, okay?

So next time you’re like… “I’ve had this day of just consuming, I’ve produced nothing. I feel totally unbalanced.” Challenge yourself to doodle something.

Now, I can imagine the image of a very detailed snail wearing a top hat, and going to a… going to a silent art auction. If you want to doodle something like that. If your snail looks a little bit more like a rough impression of what a snail looks at midnight, when it’s a new moon, also fine.

So for those sessions, the new personal growth sessions coming out in Season Four, One is Stoicism. It has my own personal twist. You will have a very brief introduction to four ladies that you haven’t met yet.

There’s also going to be one about writing. I know that is very important to quite a few. ANd something for pain relief, because I’ve had again some inquiries for a hypnotherapy pain relief session. And this one is done in storytelling format, so physical pain, emotional pain, it kind of has that covered.

And again, as the season progresses there will be a few more. Those tend to just show up on the website. They’re all under the Personal Growth header, so feel free to go and browse. Like I said, they won’t all be out immediately, but they’ll kind of trickle out as we go.

So this is why you will find you you will often have a task that might not shout that it’s about Femdom and being this submissive slave dude. But it does speak about what I treasure, and what I find important. I love good conversation. I love people that have interests, whether their interest is something obscure, or mundane, or whatever… if you are passionate about it that i would be the type to sit there and listen to you talk about it for quite a while. And the thing that drives me absolutely batty is when people say they absolutely have no interests. No passions. No hobbies. Nothing. They’re just going through their day.

And if you feel you might have fallen into that category, well baby.. You’re going to grow.

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  1. I absolutely love this session. Thank you.
    I was first attracted to your work because of your alluring voice and the promise of exotic erotica, but our relationship based on our shared space, intellectual and emotional challenge and continued improvement has definitely deepened my commitment to our adventure.
    You’re the best.

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