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Let Me Erase Your Unwanted Triggers, Bad Habits and Intrusive Thoughts

Today’s episode leads into a full-length hypnosis session. This session is a tool for erasing negative subconscious conditioning. Three additional versions of the session with a narrower focus are available in the shop.


This is Episode 13. Now I realise some of you may be listening in the future, but still… join in my excitement of having the first day of the month fall on a Monday. I just love having a  brand new, clean week ahead… and the entire month. I don’t know, I still just love a Monday.

Now, as I promised you back on Friday, there is a full-length hypnosis session immediately after this introduction.

If you’d like a version of this session without this introduction and the talk about Monday, well it’s available in the shop. You’ll also find three other variations of the session that are more focussed. One solely focuses on erasing unwanted hypnotic triggers, another will help you manage bad habits, and the third session will alleviate intrusive thoughts.

Your only task today is to find somewhere comfortable and private to listen to the session. Okay, now pause this until you can find somewhere comfortable to be, and continue on with the session.

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