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Mind Control at a Play Party

Like Episode 10 this episode features a few Mind Control Fragments. You can also listen to individual fragments in the Playlist Player, on the website.


Welcome to Episode 20. Your apophenia might begin to tingle today, because today I’m releasing a few new Mind Control Fragments, plus a playlist that links them all together. And the first time we did this was Episode 10… but don’t want you to think that’s an Every-Ten-Episodes thing. It might just be a happy accident.

So, these three MCFs have a common theme. They’re all sensory experiences, the experiences of some different people at a only-slightly fantastical play party. And the idea that sparked these stemmed from a conversation with a Patron, before my vacation, and I wrote all of the words.
Last year’s vacation resulted in some Mind Control Fragments too. They were… “Rock Pool Release” and “On the Beach Between Two Hills”. I’m working on making it easier for Patrons to find all the MCF’s that exist. If you’re not a Patron, well… you can hunt for them. Like seashells. They’re not *too* hard to find.

If you need a reminder, The Mind Control Fragments are little pieces of erotic hypnosis sessions that are usually about 5 minutes long, and you can mix-and-match them together into longer sessions.

And as a sort-of-example I’ve put these new ones together for you at the end of the podcast episode, for your listening pleasure. You can also download each piece by right-clicking or long-pressing the fragments in the playlist on the website, and saving them to your device.

Again, I’m not really able to offer up much tech support, it works on my computer, and on my phone. If you’re motivated, I’m sure you’ll work it out.

Today’s task is to find somewhere private to listen to the session that follows, and today’s Permissive Circumstance is… yes, but; you have to find release somewhere you’ve *never* done so before. So your usual spot, maybe that’s in your bed? Maybe you’re the type to prefer the shower, well… those places aren’t an option for sure. If you’ve ever had an orgasm on that couch, well not today, dear. Find somewhere *new*. But don’t get arrested!

That release can come during or after the playlist. Whatever feels right.

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