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4.34 How to Quickly and Easily Avoid Chastity Failure


Today’s episode will have a full length session after a bit of a introduction. The session is “How to Quickly and Easily Avoid Chastity Failure”. So you can certainly listen, and enjoy it right now… but I’ll let you know when it’s time to pause and get comfy somewhere private before listening any further.

By the time you’re hearing this you could well be a whole week into this experience. Does it help you to think about the time ticking away? I’ve been thinking about that ever since our Cactus/Orchid conversation, whether the Cactus-type is more likely to not notice the pages being torn off the calendar.

And why is it dear, that this Locktober has to take place in one of those long, long 31-day months? If only it could be February, and you could happily say that you’re already a quarter of the way to freedom.

Well, of course February wouldn’t work, right? Because what would you be doing on the 14th? Oh, and this session also comes at a great time, because someone told me a story of how they woke up with both hands already wrapped around their… you know. I do think, dear listener… loyal and faithful sub, that if you don’t sleep naked, it makes it a bit harder to grab your cock. What do you think? Find yourself some PJs?

And y’know, because it’s getting into fall weather, make them the cute ones. You know the ones that zip all the way up in the front. Bonus points for a hood… a hood that has ears on it. Now I’m not saying you need a whole furry persona. I think that’s called a fursona, that sounds right. But I could be making that up… I’m not saying you need that. You can go to almost any department store and find a way to turn yourself into a bear, or a tiger, bunny… et cetera. Just something fuzzy that covers up parts you’re not supposed to be touching.

I’ll… oh! I have a little sticky note here for myself. It probably wins for the… oddest sticky note that someone else could possibly see. I told you on the 3rd of October that I was already up to six. Well, it’s… it’s quite a bit more than that, but you know I’m just going to blame hormones, and I’m also going to blame this account that was sent to me. I’m not always into dress-up. I know, I just told you to dress up like a tiger or a bear or whatever… not always into that. Not always into my french maids, not always into my prissy’s. Not always into my sex-doll-sluts, I mean… not everything has to be about dress-up, right? But ah… man, on this particular account, the person in it has these pyjamas that I am totally obsessed with. I need to find out where they found those, desperately need that. If you ask me nicely, in an email, or Patreon message, whichever one’s easiest for you, I’ll tell you what they look like.

Okay, so I did promise you a full session, right? So now is about time for you to find that quiet, private spot. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Oh, and just a quick note that if you would like to have this session to use at any time, without the podcast preamble, just go on over the the website,, and you can get it there. Any session that you get through the website, is kept in your account so you can have unlimited downloads. Very useful if you happen to misplace things.

And if you enjoy having full sessions available on the podcast, be sure to either hit like, or subscribe, or leave a review, depending on where you’re listening to me.

Having the likes and reviews and so-ons, subscriptions, just makes it possible for more to find me, and for me to dedicate even more time to you.

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