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4.35 Don’t Miss This Utopia Story – Listener Response to Episode 33

I’ve taken a test, and then another test, and I’m now certain that I have Covid. It’s relatively mild, but you might find yourself waiting until Thursday to be teased about the impending two week stint without orgasms.

Luckily this story was already recorded on Friday, so I can share it with you today.


In today’s episode I’m sharing some of the responses I had to episodes 32 and 33, the plant episode… remember that one? With the orchids and cacti. And the utopia idea.

So I had quite a few people, confessing whether they feel into being a orchid, or a cactus, or… you know, fluctuating between. And one of the emails from… a particular submissive gentleman gave pretty good reasonings for why he is a vine. Now if you’ve ever seen these lush vines growing, like the golden pathos and so on… they’re impressive. They’re easy. And the reason why he identified as a vine wasn’t necessarily because he considers himself to be easy. But because the rampant vines, they like exploring a lot, yet… always happy to follow guidance, training. And they’re pretty able, you know, to survive alone. They can deal with some mistreatment and being ignored.

But I’ll tell you, one of my favourite things about vining house plants, is they’re so easy to share with friends. I mean, you can share them with a half-dozen friends with minimal effort. Very minimal effort. And if you’re actually looking for a gardening tip, all you do is… cut off a part of it, plop it down in water, you know, change it every week or so, you’ll have roots, throw it in dirt (or not) it can stay in water, and give it to a friend.

If you’re looking for, you know, how to share your submissive tips… well… well let me know, and I’ll do that in another episode.

And so for episode 33, again, quite a few responses. Lot of people love the idea of Utopia, and I’ll get to a few of those, and we might revisit this a couple times, so if you still have an idea that you haven’t shared with me, go ahead.

We’re going to start off, this one, with a story that was inspired by Episode 33. So go on and get yourself, you know a cup of hot chocolate, or some hot tea. Settle on in for storytime.

Listen to the podcast episode to hear this delightful piece of hypno fiction.

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