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4.36 Checking In, With Chastity (and Punishment)

Today’s episode was originally planned for yesterday. At this point I expect a new episode will appear on Friday. For everyone asking, I’m feeling much better, and my cough is under control.


Today’s episode is about L-D-R-F-L-R’s, and some rambling. I’m going to tell you about something that’s out of character for me… usually I don’t like hearing about the minutiae of chastity play, at least when it comes to those L-D-R-F-L-R situations. And so in spite of the fact that I’ve had a few listeners ask me to play the role of keyholder… and I’ve had a few beg me to play the role of keyholder, I usually turn them down.

I think it’s the disconnect of long distance that makes it a bit less appealing. Doesn’t quite have the same oomph as our usual, y’know… erotic hypnosis relationship. Because I don’t get to passively observe the effects of frustration, and make little bets with myself over when you’ll break, or ask for more than I’m likely to give. Oh, or reap the benefits when it comes to my own pleasure, or all the other ways that affection and appreciation can be displayed.

But these last almost-three-weeks, I’ve really enjoyed it. Maybe it’s the fact that all this chastity-themed fun is concentrated in one place, and that the expectation of no orgasms is present in every connection for this short time. And then the elephant in the room; I’ve been unable to record a podcast episode for a little while, so I have enjoyed keeping up with the trials and tribulations of a month in chastity in message and emails. You’ll likely hear a little bit in my throat. I managed to catch what everybody… what everybody seems to have. Still getting back to my normal self… really surprised how this one managed to kick my ass for a bit.

And speaking of those messages and emails… I’ve had lots of messages about wandering hands and desperation. I’m enjoying the pride that the mental chastity aficionados all display, and I’ve had artful photographs shared by some of those who did elect to make use of a device. I’ve even had slip-ups, and I’ll be addressing those in a moment.

Here’s something I want, it’s your task for the day, if you haven’t told me how it’s going, do so. Even if it hasn’t been going, you know… great. Remember, you do need to go over to the website, to tell me if you’re participating in order to be eligible for that exclusive reward that’s popping up in November.

So it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows. Not least because… that running total I promised I’d keep? Well… that number hasn’t increased much recently. I don’t really need to tell you that this coughing fit is a real mood killer. But things are looking up; I’ve enjoyed some quality writing time… and today there’s a new Listening Room session that really dives into Financial Domination. You’ll find it in the shop, and if you’ve heard The Pirate Queen, well it’s definitely in that same… “direct” style. There’s a real narrative for you, that you can just be totally immersed in. A story where you’re the subject… victim? Let’s say victim, of another incredibly controlling, and possessive Mistress-figure.

Oh, There’s also a session, I’m.. right now calling it the Locktober Cuddle Session. And fingers crossed that’s going to pop up later this week. There’s some work left to do on it, but it’s all about warm and close sensations brought through sleepy, trancey, relaxation hypnosis. It’s certainly a session that’s perfect for right before sleep… and I know you love your Sleep Hypnosis. And at the moment the plan is to put a version of that out on the podcast for everyone, so that’s something you get to look forward to.

But, okay. You have your task; if you haven’t told me how Locktober’s going for you, now’s the time. Even if you fucked up. It’s okay, I told you it’s okay, right? Over a week ago now. But now’s the time to climb back on the horse.

And if you’ve been good, if you haven’t had a single intentional orgasm since the last day of September, you’re allowed to leave now. Off you go. Feel free to shut off the podcast, or the YouTube video. Once again, I’m assuring you that you’re not in trouble. You’re not missing out, and you should feel my pride POUR over you, due to your good behavior.

That was the dog. She wants to go for a walk… and so she just keeps roaming around the room. Anyway, you’re not missing out, like I said. This is just, not for you. Because you’ve been a good boy.

If you want to know what message I have for the disobedient ones, you’ll have to listen to the episode.

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