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4.46 The 4 ways I love to surprise you – Trigger Bombing, and the Winter Cuddle Session

The Winter Cuddle 7 Session Bundle is the tried and tested way to promote wet dreams. With seven nights of frustrated snuggling and naughty thoughts to treat your subconscious.



Before I get into whether or not you like mystery boxes, I want to say a thank you for the lovely holiday gifts that have been coming my way.

The Gift Certificates, they’re almost always used on doggo toys. I am on this quest to find a dog toy that can’t be destroyed in 10 mins, but is also kinda fun. It seems like the indestructible ones are basically as interesting as rocks. Yeah, I know… some dogs love rocks. Maybe that’s yours, it’s not mine.

Also, thank you for the perfumes. I’ve been enjoying trying out some different scents. I do have… I guess you’d call it a signature scent that I typically go back to, but I’ve been… I don’t know. I’ve just been wanting to change it up. For those of you who wear perfumes or colognes, do you typically always stay to the same thing? Is that so somebody can always tell when they’ve borrowed your hoodie or your jacket?

More Things Submissive Guys Need to Know

I don’t know… I think there’s just something about being close to the end of the year, and getting ever closer to that December 21st when we can have that shortest day and then look forward to slowly, sunshine coming back again. It just always makes me want a bit of a change, so… perfume for me, it adds to that. I’m not overly into a lot of other consumerism type of things… I gotta admit, other than lingerie, toys, costumes, fun stuff… my everyday basic wardrobe tends to fall in that minimalist capsule wardrobe bit. And if you don’t know what that means, just like the kitten heels, you can go look it up.

You should know, as someone who enjoys Femdom, and women, you should know what a capsule wardrobe is.

Oh and speaking of wardrobes, thank you as well for the bracelet. It is absolutely gorgeous. It is actually prettier in everyday life than it happened to be on the website, and that doesn’t always happen. December here tends to be endless invites, endless invites, to things happening at pubs. So, it’s like… okay, here we go again. Dressing up, but not too fancy, right? And jewelry tends to bridge that gap.

The simple LBD, you should know what LBD means, paired with different jewelry, it goes a long way. And it makes it… well. It makes it easier to go to these endless holiday functions that you get invited to.

Now the good news is, generally speaking most of them are a lot of fun. They’re not the typical must-go-to work-dos that feel basically just like going to another day at the office. But for whatever reason it does feel like every social or networking or work group, feels like they have to squeeze in this December gathering.

And then they all think they’re being kinda clever by doing it on a Thursday. Because they assume you have nothing going on Thursday, right? It’s insane, I swear my Saturday night is basically desolate on the calendar, meanwhile Thursday is overlapping… well let’s just say I could probably do a pub crawl every Thursday night throughout December if I wanted to. And wear a different perfume, and my nice glittery bracelet.

Okay, let’s get into the actual topic-ish, of today’s podcast.

How to Surprise a Hypno Mistress

Do you like Mystery Boxes? There might be a few ways that you can answer that question, but I’m thinking about TV shows specifically. Do you, or did you, love Twin Peaks? Lost? The first season of Stranger Things?

These shows are a loosely bound category that share the common trope of hiding a great deal of the plot from you. You learn about the characters, and then your perceptions are toyed with as the circumstances are changed. Sometimes this feels like the rug being pulled out from under you. And other times, in an even more thrilling fashion, they merely whip away the tablecloth, leaving the glasses and silverware still neatly arranged on the tabletop.

If I were running a movie podcast, my cohost and I would probably digress into the difference between these shows and movies like, Fight Club, The Prestige, Sixth Sense. No spoilers here, but as they’re all more than a decade old… so I feel like I can say that each of these films has a twist at the end. The mystery box TV genre, well I think I appreciate it a little more because it has longer to stretch its legs, and works on this unspoken covenant that you’re going to give it time to explain itself.

Most people I’ve discussed this genre with have enjoyed these shows to differing degrees. I have strongly differing opinions with a close friend about The OA and Russian Doll. I’ll let you guess which I loved and which I hated. The point stands that these shows aren’t universally received, and that’s alright.

I’ve just started Night Sky after a bumbling conversation where I teased my Netflix and Chill partner and pretended to not know who J.K. Simmons is. They didn’t write any novels about teenage wizards. And I’m enjoying it so far… but I haven’t opened the box all the way yet, so I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it. I tend to be one of those people who watch TV while cycling (not on the road) or doing the incline on the treadmill, the stairmaster, whatever else. So… I watch things in little 20 minute, 40 minute pockets of time.

Expect the Unexpected

But I don’t run a movies and TV podcast, and I don’t have a cohost. This is still a Femdom and Hypnosis podcast, thank goodness. And one of the reasons I love running this podcast is because it gives me an opportunity to surprise you.

Firstly because… you never know if you’re going to get a rambling slice of life, or a structured session. Maybe some of my thoughts on a recent release, or a task I’ve set. I think… well I know… that this is important. Because if you’re listening right now, and you are, chances are you want that extra connection of these informal chats. It’s nice having this time together? Something that goes along with those sessions that you chose to download and press play on?

There is a difference, dear. Isn’t there? When you read the synopsis of a session, the little list of triggers, and the other disclaimers, you know so much more about what to expect. But when you come to me here, you don’t know if I’m going to set you an assignment, or tease you. You don’t know what trigger I might drop into the conversation, what sensation I might let CASCADE over you. If you’re lucky, I’ll at least warn you if I intend on taking you under.

I received a note from a listener about their experience with last week’s Snow Globe session. You’ll find it in episode 45, if you haven’t heard it. So this POUR dear intended to download the Snow Globe session but ended up listening for a few seconds. Let me just read… here…

“Before I realized what was happening, the podcast began to play, followed by the audio trigger and I just melted. I wasn’t paying any attention to the sound, just ensuring the file was going to the proper location. Then boom…eyes close, wave of relaxation hits me and breathing changes. Feeling so nice and yummy. Was able to stop the audio, but that was too late.”

I’m not sure I could write a better advertisement for the podcast and its place in our play together.

Winter Wet Dream Hypnosis

I’ve also had an outpouring of messages about the Winter Cuddle Session. So the podcast version and the bundle appeared on November 11th, almost a month ago now. One thing I’ve definitely been hearing is that there’s a pronounced effect from “Cuddling” for multiple nights in a row. Of enjoying the swirling mismatch of naughty, kinky, exciting ideas that comes from picking one of these seven sessions at random.

I’m so glad I was able to make the Winter Cuddle Bundle work how it does. Keeping that core narrative, the same hypnotic ideas and suggestions. And then carefully stitching in the other thoughts. Without giving away every detail, I’m able to surprise my dear listener. This is my experience of playing with power exchange “in the flesh”. That it’s my prerogative as to which subjects are open for pillow talk. That it’s my decision what we play with. And that you have to wait, with nervous excitement, even trepidation, to find out exactly what I have in store… because I love to surprise you. As much as I love to give you good things. And where do good things come from?

But here’s the downside to the Winter Cuddle Session. There’s an inherent expectation of chastity in those sessions, not least because they’re about encouraging wet dreams. Speaking of which, I’ve had quite a few confirmations of unexpected night-time orgasm off the back of the Cuddle Session. Mental chastity it played a role in most of the case studies shared with me. All shared repeated listens, and I’m satisfied with the result and always eager to hear more success stories.

The whole session and the conversations I’ve had around it have me thinking I’d like to produce a counterpart session as a matter of urgency. Something that’s more explicitly about getting off. And I have a story I’d like to apply this framework to. But if you’d like to contribute to this new session, I will have a thread on Patreon where you can do just that.

So look in today’s podcast notes to find the link to where you can find Patreon, and add in your thoughts. As well as my wishlist, you know, in case you wanna buy a gift for someone special. And you will also find just the link to the website in case you haven’t been there yet and you are new to me.

Continue to enjoy your December, and let me know if you’ve been to any work dos or social dos so far this Holiday Season.

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