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4.45 Will you fail these 5 headspace questions? Submission Snowglobe Session

Follow my unique induction and prepare yourself to enter a new spot in my vast headspace. You’ll find yourself in a snowglobe that I’ve designed to get you ready for 2023.



Will you fail these five headspace questions?

So we’re going sledding today. You can call it tubing, tobogganing, whatever. You get the idea.

Today’s podcast episode, it is going to be a hypnosis session, so I do expect you to listen to it when you have privacy, and safety. It’s not for listening to while you’re commuting to work.
It does require the Going Deeper Faster trigger, and you’ll find the link to that in the session notes.

Now, I came up with this idea in a kind of unlikely way. It’s partly because today is December 1st. Now, I don’t remember this as much being a thing as maybe it is now… because that’s how commercialism goes, right? The whole Advent Calendar thing. I think there used to always just be little piece of chocolate, right? And they’re behind little doors in a cardboard thing. But then it grew… there is everything you can imagine available out there. From beard oil, to cheeses, and hot sauce, or gin. Toiletries, just really a bit of everything. This way of counting to Christmas.

But for me, I kind of like this as a wrap up to 2022. I don’t know what your year has been like. Hopefully fantastic. But we all tend to start the year with certain expectations… and as time goes, sometimes that changes. Usually it changes.

So… for today’s session, we’re going to do a bit of that. But it is going to be all within the headspace. Now… the reason why I’m putting this inside the headspace is mostly because of honesty. Honest with yourself. Honest with me. And the reason that came to mind, it’s because of this guy… we’re not going to call him a gentleman. I suspect that type of person, I suspect the manners are all for show. Just someone I happened to bump into kind-of regularly because of the gym.

And he had made a comment of… man, I’m not even giving the backstory to this, because it’s really kind of boring, and a little bit cringe and cliché. Anyway… but a line that he said was “Being willing to lie about how we met.” That is one of the headlines in dating apps and so on that never fails to catch his attention. And I get to wonder… I guess for some that just means lying about finding each other on Tinder and so on. But it’s kind of a fun little daydream, right? To think of different ways that people would meet, and then become very attracted, attached to each other. And the two people coming up with this mutual lie that they tell their circle of friends and family and so on.

But they, they of course, within the inner circle of just them… they know the truth. And I love that kind of truth. I also get a bit of a kick out of that type of a lie. Just because it’s, I don’t know… the hopeless romantic bit of it, perhaps.

So if you want, tell me in a message, or email, you can comment but again I’m kind of bad at seeing comments. Especially the YouTube ones. You know… what scenario, unlikely, you can’t use what I just said, would it be that two people would meet and they would both adopt that. Willing to lie about how they met.

Okay, so what I want you to do, before we get into today’s session, is either pause it here and wait until you’re able to listen… or go ahead and find a bit of your comfort. A good spot to be in. Take a few good deep breaths. It’s quite unlikely there’ll be anything in today’s setting unless you hate snow. If you really hate the snow you’re gonna have to skip today.

And there’s also a version without the podcast intro that will be available on the SpokenByElswyth website. That website should also be in today’s session notes, so go head over to the website if you want to download a, well, “clean”. A not-a-podcast version of this hypnosis session.

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