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4.50 Your New Morning Habit for a New Year


Welcome to 2023. We have a fresh new year ahead and I’ve already made quite a bit of progress on you. We will continue this progress. This year continues our shared auditory experience and I have good things to give to you. One of them appeared yesterday. Somewhere between the parties and hangovers, you surely found the time to download the Show Me session. It isn’t one that can willy-nilly be placed on the podcast, so you will need to visit the website to get it. 

Before I get into your new morning habit, let’s discuss a bit of admin. The next episode of the pod will be out on Jan 10th or 11th, and then we are going back to the typical publishing schedule. I’ve heard from enough of you to realise that you’re equally busy so let’s enjoy our everyday life experiences during this season and then come back together for this shared daydream.

Now is the time to join in as a Patron, the link is in the session notes, to get a free code for… almost any session on I say almost because there is a reward session on there that’s not for free with the code. It’s the Locktober one. Now not only do you get a freebie, you also keep SbE ad-free and get to have your polite say in the upcoming sessions. Plus, it is the easiest way to send me a message. With that said don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear much from me this week, as I mentioned we’ll be back to normal around the 10th or 11th.

So let’s talk about your new habit for 2023.

How many times a day do you press play or start?  On a podcast. On a remote control. Perhaps even on a shiny kettle? Mine does have a play button. Or, hey, old school. You know that satisfying click of pushing play on a tape recorder and watching the, what… gears, begin to turn? Oh hey, if you have done that in the last week, pushed play on an actual tape recorder, I want to hear from you. So go on, send me a message, and I suspect I won’t hear from many… or any.

I want you to take a few moments to breathe with me. Don’t worry, we’re not going down deep, this isn’t a hypnosis session nor is it going to be that long. It is merely setting the stage, providing a foundation, for further work in our next session.

Okay, and just to keep it simple because a lot of us had a late night, we’re going to do a bit of the box breathing.

[This segment of the episode is excluded from this transcription.]

That’s it for today. I want you to just enjoy your New Years Day, do not put too much pressure on yourself, and seriously keep those new years resolutions sane. We all know that setting them too high or too perfectionist just leads to them being dropped. Or fuck it, toss them out and tell yourself that you’ll revisit them on Feb 2nd for groundhog day, Imbolc, or you know whatever else is celebrated on that day and just enjoy this January and the post-holiday season. I give you permission to enjoy your life.

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