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4.51 How do you take your punishment?

Corner Time is your punishment trigger, and the perfect counterpart to POUR.

But if you need more punishment, perhaps if your New Year had a false start, then add in A Mild Rebuke.

And continue with Left with Warm Thighs for a taste of physical punishment with erotic, hypnotic suggestion.


Hello there, I hope you have had a nice, refreshing, restoring, energizing, and fantastically fun time during the break. On one hand it feels like it has been quite a while, and on the other the time has just flown by.

And speaking of flying… wasn’t that exciting here recently, in the States? Uh, what a mess… it’s so strange to hear about everything getting grounded. Although I suspect a few people were probably relieved. I mean, if you had to leave, like… your holiday destination, and it just gave you a few more days in the sun, I think I would take that. I think I would take just about anything that means a few more days in the sun.

What would you take for pleasure? What would you exchange in order to get that pleasure? You see, it feels a little wrong on one hand, to just jump into today’s topic, which I’m only going to lightly cover today. We’ll get deeper into this later on. And that’s… Punishment.

Not what you expected, huh? Though I guess you could tie it in with returning after the holidays, because… chances are, if you made those unrealistic, sky-high, stupid, New Years Resolutions… you’re probably faltering about now. And some people probably don’t even have their holiday decorations down yet. And here you are, stopping all those goals. That is not being nice to your future self.

One of the reasons why punishment is on my mind, is that you likely know that when you take that downtime, when you let your brain just wander wherever it will, it often comes up with these brilliant ideas. Especially if you’re a Mistress. I mean, it doesn’t take much for you to tell me that my ideas are brilliant, right? And speaking of, I waded through so many Patreon and email messages today. It was absolutely fantastic… and from the pictures, and the stories, about New Years Eve… ooh… debauchery? I don’t even know the right word to describe some of these pictures and some of these stories.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been a bit of a bad boy, and could use some… well… for people who have been with me for a while, you probably have this trigger, so I can’t say the words, because the words happen to be the trigger. We’ll just call it… 90-degree angle, inner-room time. I realise that particular trigger it is actually one of my oldest Spoken By Elswyth sessions. It was done when we were all still locking down… and it’s on the older microphone, in not so nice of a recording setting, and so… I decided that one needed an overhaul.

Now for those of you who have that particular trigger just well ingrained… don’t worry. It’s not changing that much from the way that it makes you feel. And how do you feel about punishment? Are you the type that actually feels remorse? That feels a genuine dismay over letting down your half of this agreement between us? Or do you feel a bit bratty? A little bit… “Oh, she can’t break me”? Maybe a mixture of both, going back and forth? It likely depends on the punishment, right? If I just kind of… sit on the edge of the bed and tell you to be across my lap… and ease down whatever’s covering your bottom and use my hand… which, I do not like to hurt my hand. You know that particular punishment, it’s going to be pretty light. So unless you’ve done something actually wrong, really wrong, and my words, my disappointment in you, is adding to what my hands are doing, chances are you’re just going to glide right through that one, yeah?

But let’s say that either in a physical nature, or… a mental one. I mean, we really do like to use these words, don’t we? You’re placed in a pillory. Do you know what that is? Imagine, there you are… you’re just stuck. And you have… well, there’s a few different ways to go about this. Let’s do, let’s do simple. Let’s be minimalist. Let’s be… let’s be like the IKEA of dungeon toys. And this one is just simple metal… it holds you in place… it keeps your head kind of up, it keeps your knees and your hands on the floor. Bottom up. I mean, you could practically be a table, right?

And it’s fun to be a table!

But it’s not usually fun to be stuck, like a stockade, or the pillories that are the big square pieces like, of wood, that fashion around a person’s neck. Wide enough that a person can’t reach their arm around to even scratch their nose. Or feed themselves. Can you imagine being stuck in that? Of asking for food? Asking for a drink? Asking for me to scritch your nose for you? Or would you ask?

It likely depends, again, on what kind of person you are when you accept punishment. What kind of person you are and what kind of naughty thing you’ve been up to. And I do use the word accept… because we know that’s part of it, right? You are accepting my place over you. Your place below me. And what I know is best for you.

So the new session, it will be given to my Patrons. Because it is just a re-doing of a session that was originally given out on Patreon. But, it never made an appearance on the website, or the podcast, so I suspect quite a few of you happen to be missing this one. Well the good news is, that you don’t have to miss it any more. You can find it on, or if you are a Patron, you’ll probably get a notification, or you can go to Patreon and… and nose there. I’ll try to make sure I send that out before this podcast.

So, starting next week we’re going back to the usual of Tuesdays and Thursdays publishing. I do hope you enjoyed your break. I do appreciate all the wonderful messages… and yeah, I’m happy to be back.

And I’m happy to have this routine again. I know you are as well. Still feeling slightly guilty about the fact that I’m starting it with a punishment trigger. But you know I’m gonna make that up to you next week. I have a lot of good things planned for you.

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  1. I’d so love a Lady to have this much real ‘control’/influence over me. Mmmm…

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