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4.73 Why do GUYS fall asleep after orgasm?

The answer to this question is shared in today’s podcast episode. And when you keep listening, I will experiment with the power of suggestion in a tasteful fashion.

Today’s experiment makes use of the Season Four Deepening Trigger, available in the Beginner Bundle.

The new Orgasm Before Sleep Fractionation Session is available in the shop today!



So I suspect it might be the title that caught your attention. We’re going to talk about why do guy’s always fall asleep after orgasm… but today I’m also going to tell you about a new session that’s available on the shop. And also try a little experiment with hypnotic suggestion… so that means yeah you’re going to need a private spot at some point. I’m going to ask you to send me a message about how you experienced it. But first let’s dig into the inbox.

And now first I’m going to have a little bit of a brag. I think that a certain someone that we’ll call “R” was moved by my short absence, and moved even more by my return. We’ll keep some of that conversation private… but I now am the happy owner of a limited edition Nintendo Switch, the fancy one with the gold controllers and the Triforce insignia.

Now I’m guessing the majority of you probably know what that refers to. I haven’t played a Zelda game in quite a while I have to say. Before you start getting ideas, the whole “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” it wasn’t new when I played it, but I just mean to illustrate that I have not even come close to keeping up with this series. A lot of the people who are in my social group, they could basically be the mods for the patient gamers subreddit, and so it is very typical for old console and games and this and that to be flowing around and played with, often. Plus all of those retro gaming cafés and things, they are very popular in most of the cities around me.

So anyway, I know the new installment of course of Zelda coming soon… I promise I’m not going to disappear until like July when I get a copy of it. I have too many other fun things I want to share with you all.
And to my dear “R”, I’m very grateful for this tribute, this display of affection and devotion. You can keep them coming, of course. And for those of you wondering how R was the perfect mind reader, I’ll give away a bit of his secret. I do have a wishlist that is on the SpokenByElswyth website. I believe there may be a link as well in the podcast session notes too… just if you’re curious.

I’ve had several bits of communication from a listener, “J” who struggles with knowing if he’s trancing, dreaming, or somewhere in between when listening to hypnosis sessions. And not just my work, so I’m certain that his issue isn’t merely that he finds me boring!
“J” also reports bouts of amnesia following most hypnotic experiences. In my back-and-forth with J we’ve reflected together on how sessions that seek out orgasm are especially good at making him drift off and forget what he was doing moments ago. So I thought it would be good to know why that post-release haze so often leads to a cozy nap, and now that I know the answer, I want to share it with you.
The answer like so many things, is mostly in hormones; the main one you’re being flooded with is called prolactin and it’s also present while you’re asleep. In combination with melatonin, and the “love hormone” also known as oxytocin, your brain simply feels that it’s supposed to be going to sleep.
And the other half of the answer is that sleep after sex, it is a function of exertion. You’ve worked so hard, dear. You’ve used up all those happy blood sugars, and now you need a nap. Or a banana.
I don’t have any ideas for dealing with “J”’s amnesia, maybe you have some thoughts?

I also, I’m going to take a moment to talk about Deep Repetition. If I were to read out all the initials of everyone who reached out about those sessions, I’d have well over half the alphabet! I just want to assure anyone I didn’t reply to that I’m excited to release some more of these sessions soon. It’s likely going to be next week. Something for obedience, bondage, and teasing you about the size of a certain appendage. ‘Cause some of you like that. I don’t even care if it’s generously proportioned… in my experience even the most gifted guys get squirmy if you tell them that it’s small and cute.
If there’s more you want to hear from Deep Repetition, just put your polite request in a short, sweet note and I’ll consider it.

Now as you know, only those tame enough for YouTube and the podcast make it on here. The spicier stuff is always on the website whether it’s free, or a small fee, it’s always there. Because you know, we don’t really want to get banned, do we?

Now the session I’m releasing today is not one of those tame sessions. And that’s why we are going to play with trance in a little bit by doing a type of hypnotic game… but the long session going out this week, that one is on the website. It’s a pretty straightforward HFO-style session that encourages release. It toys with the idea and experience of different phases of sleep. It helps you experience Sleep Paralysis, and it ends with counting you down further to sleep in your post-orgasm haze.

It also really, really excited me as I was writing it and… yeah… I think that’s definitely reflected in the words in the session text. I can’t say any more about that here, I would definitely need a bit more colourful language.

So some of the things that led to this session being made, and it was brilliantly easy thanks to some of this inspiration, is that I’m always getting nice messages about the 15 minute sleep session. It’s the one that you can easily find on the website, or on YouTube. I will try to remember to put a link to that.

Second, I’m also knee deep in a longer, super-secret, sleep hypnosis project. Do you ever have something huge that you need to do? Something so enormous that it’s tempting to pick out an even easier project, complete it in a manageable amount of time, and just enjoy that dopamine win? You could say It’s a form of procrastination, but it’s not quite as bad as just playing Nintendo games all day and night though, right? It’s still productive.

Anyway, the new session it is called Orgasm Before Sleep. It is a fractional state type of session, which I know quite a few of you really love.

But all of that out of the way. I promised a… an experiment, right? Are you ready? If you can’t give me all of your attention right now, it’s really okay to come back later. I insist you roll all the way back to the start of this episode when you have shed any distractions and listen again. Having a bit of the talking-in time, it does help you get into a better state of trance.

The final part of this session is not transcribed here. Allow me to experiment on your by listening to the session.

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