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4.84 Daydream Mistress Hypnosis – Reveal what your daydreams say about you

Ever have a steamy make-out session on a red sofa… and as time passes, whenever you see a red sofa your daydreams take on a life of their own? Daydreams, fantasies, are a way the mind and body connect.

Sink deep into trance before experiencing floating subspace in the latest free session, “Descend to Discover, Ascend to Reveal”. Download this session without the podcast introduction and explore these extremes of extremes to your weekly practice and uncover more about yourself.


Notice how you feel right now. Are you busy and stressed? Or are you as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean? After today’s podcast session, you’re going to feel ten times better, or maybe twenty, or hey, maybe you’re currently doing something amazing right now so just three times better?

Whatever level you’re at now, I promise you’ll have a smile on your face after this one. So don’t forget to notice how you feel now and how you feel later. Perhaps toss it in a polite note to a dear Mistress? Part of the reason I’m so confident is because today’s session includes a decent amount of aftercare in the awakener. It would be a shame to miss out on the bonding that happens in the afterplay, right?

What do your daydreams reveal about you? We all daydream. Everyone. But unlike ‘everyone’, you choose to cultivate daydreams and your ability to enter shared daydreams. That ability to enter those in a different way, with hypnosis, it takes you deep and then sets you free. Power play often leads to floating and another type of freedom.

Today’s femdom hypno session is going to take you to both extremes – diving deeply down and then soaring high to float. You’ll experience the self-to-self conversation of daydream in both and, moving forward, you’ll be even more aware of your daydreams and what they’re nudging you towards, what they reveal. Freud referred to daydreams as a tool to experience repressed desires and instincts that weren’t acceptable in our waking world.

For now, I want you to find your ideal spot to begin today’s session. It starts with a new type of focus for relaxation, eases into a conversational induction and does make use of S4’s trigger – that’s a free download on the website if you don’t have it already.

If you haven’t found a spot yet, press pause and resume when you have.  If you are in your spot, start breathing deep, work out if you need another pillow, perhaps want to adjust a bit more, maybe just ask yourself if you left something cooking on the stovetop?

As you do this, I want to thank two of my loyal listeners for their gifts. The first is a thank you to B. The Pikmin 4 game that was bought as a pre-release, it finally arrived. It is just as cute and whimsical as I assumed that it would be. It’s a fun way to pass the time, and I’m actually surprised at how many people I know who are playing it.

And also, thank you to R… it might be a little corny, but I added this murder mystery book call “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” to the wishlist and R bought it for me along with a new notebook. It is one of my favourite types of notebooks… I don’t think I’m going to use it to try and solve the murder mystery, I tend to just flow along with those. But it’s fantastic. The funny thing is, I almost always read on a Kobo, an eReader, so I have to get used to a book that can’t, you know, light itself up. But it is nicer to take to the beach.

And  quick reminder that on my wishlist, the Amazon one, there’s a link for that… there is an item on there, that if you purchase it you do receive a reward. A personalized deep repetition session on anything you choose… well… within tasteful limits. And that goes out directly to you.

So right up there in the top selling sessions of last week is Game Play. It’s the listening room session where you are playing a board game unlike any other. Rolling the dice requires you to follow the instructions that number reveals. The rules are simple, you’re allowed to quit unless you’ve rolled a 6. The listening room sessions are set in the same headspace location and use the same induction each time, they’re the more fantastical of sessions and have a safeword built in. Go lose yourself in that one after this… okay.. How are you doing with that breathing?  I bet you could use a little guidance. So let’s begin…

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