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4.85 Hypnotherapy for Overcoming Emotional Eating with Professional Hypnosis

If you’ve been using food to cope with emotions, this session offers you a way out. Overcoming Emotional Eating is a vanilla, non-femdom, kink-free session. It is a hypnotherapy session requested by one of my loyal listeners who has been struggling with weight gain due to emotional eating.

More hypnotherapy sessions are available in the shop. If you’re seeking a certain type of therapeutic session, and you think it would be more effective in your Mistress’ voice, let me know in a polite message through Patreon, or the Contact Me page on the website.


Today’s podcast is a deviation from, well, deviance! It is a vanilla session which means it does not have Femdom, or any kink involved. It’s a hypnotherapy session for overcoming emotional eating.

I’ve received numerous requests for “vanilla” hypnotherapy content and I’m happy to oblige because, well… I like helping people and I have years of experience as a hypnotherapist.

Now if you’re not a regular follower of Spoken by Elswyth, you will find that you can still easily use any of these sessions. And if you are a loyal listener, thank you for that and please let me know of any other topics you’d like to explore. If you send your idea to me through Patreon, you will likely find that you’ll be chosen to be the guinea pig, to try out the session. I know that a lot of my Patreon members have enjoyed their time volunteering as my testers. Perhaps testers is a nicer way to put it than guinea pigs?

Anyway, enjoy today’s session. I do hope that you find it useful for you.

Go ahead and find a spot where you can be comfortable, where you’re unlikely to be interrupted. So just keep in mind that this is a session that you can listen to say once a week… as you’re planning to go to bed, and to go to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed today’s hypnotherapy session. If you’d like to find others, or if you’d like the edited version of this one, without the podcast intro and outro, you can find it over on my website,

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