Locktober 2022

Did you enjoy your Locktober experience? You know I wanted it to be successful. I know that so many of you were. Even though we had a few difficult days.

Claim Your Reward

You already know that the Locktober Reward is an exclusive free trigger session. I’ve already started using the trigger on the podcast. And you can hear it in the Winter Cuddle Sessions.

I know I’m missing some success stories, so to make sure I have a complete Naughty/Nice list I’m asking you to tell me how proud of yourself you are.

Include the date your period of abstinence ended and any other thoughts you would like to share.

This will also help me fix the handful of broken email addresses that I haven’t been able to reply to.

Where are the free sessions?

Did you get used to having the essential Season Four Hypno sessions available right here? Did you procrastinate over downloading them? You can make them all yours permanently in the shop: