Locktober 2022

Locktober is the name given to October. The month where you may use a cage or your mind, but you may not fail at chastity.  I won’t have it. I’m so dedicated to your success that I have a range of tools available for you.

Before you go any further, listen to How to Succeed at Locktober, Part One from the Spoken By Elswyth Podcast. Then continue on to Part Two.

You can go back to the first episode of this podcast season, if you want to learn more about what’s going on.

Are you new to Femdom Hypnosis?

If you’re new to Femdom hypnosis, I encourage you to begin with the free Season 4 Beginner Bundle. If you’re still left with questions, you may contact me in the appropriate way.

You may be one of those that think you can’t be hypnotized or perhaps you’re as nervous as a virgin on prom night, but I can walk you through those thoughts and emotions. In a recent podcast episode I offered up the Lemon Convincer session for true hypno-virgins.

You can also find the most important sessions in Season Four right here. Just find somewhere comfy, put on some headphones and press play.

Easy, right?

Are you new to the idea of chastity or Locktober?

I understand the idea of giving up orgasms for a month may seem daunting, even impossible. Or perhaps you’re super eager to begin, yet wondering how to do so. Locktober is an annual event which means you don’t get to waver on when to start or when to end, it is set for you. It is a way to challenge yourself and grow as a submissive man. 

Do you need a chastity device? 

I do not require that you own a cage or device because my interest, and likely yours, is in erotic mind control. However, if you have purchased a device you are welcome to use it. 

Did someone mention a reward?

If you’ve been a follower of mine you know that I love to give you good things.

Locktober 2022 will have an exclusive free trigger session given to all successful participants.

I’ve made it so easy for you to make sure you get this reward, just take a moment to promise that you’re going to succeed at Locktober this year.

What to do Before Locktober

You can find the most important sessions and triggers in the playlist above. But these vanish forever in November. Create an account and keep access to the Free Beginner Bundle and others.

Lots of fun Locktober updates will be found on the podcast. Subscribe with your favorite podcast app.

Take advantage of the HFO/JOI sale until September 30th. This is your last chance for release until November. Best make the most of it!

What other sessions should I use?

The Marshmallow Trigger is a tool I will make use of on the podcast to help you succeed with Locktober.

Do you need more help maintaining the proper attitude to chastity for the month? The Chastity Mindset Sessions use post hypnotic suggestion to make sure you stay on track.

Remember, it is important to practice hypnosis sessions often. You will find with each repetition that you’re able to go deeper, faster, and the triggers will last longer for you. Plus, it’s quite likely that with repetitions you will unlock (so punny) a different experience. I’ve had followers tell me about catching a certain meaning or partially-hidden tidbit recently even though they’ve heard the session many times over a year. There’s a reason that I weave so many things into my sessions for you.

Do you need to join Patreon?

No. This offer is open to all of my followers. However, it is easier to reach me through Patreon. I have multiple tiers that offer rewards, including free sessions.

I realize that Patreon isn’t for everyone. I have followers who choose to show their appreciation through my Amazon wishlist and simply email instead. That’s fine.

Most importantly, know that you’re not behind. If you’ve just discovered me you have fantastic timing. Season Four is all about getting to know my version of Femdom hypnosis.

This page will receive many updates through September and October.
There’s plenty of reason to check back in.