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Eunoia Theme Introduction

photo of mountain under cloudy sky

This week’s Eunoia is focused on calm.

Two reasons for this:

  1. The upcoming series on SbE may be one that challenges you in different ways. It will definitely stretch you (if you allow it).
  2. I know that the upcoming months are filled with holidays which can be amazing.. or less-than.. or a mix of both.

Revisiting meditation and reclaiming those daily calm moments builds that skill for you. Sure, you might not need it. You may be a master at all of this already and that’s great. And, if you are, it means you *know* how important this skill is for others.

I know that the holiday overwhelm is real — even if it is GOOD stuff like getting Christmas cards out on time (yes, people still send those!) or hoping that bespoke present you ordered is just right.

My goal isn’t to play therapist to all of you, it is for this week to be a familiar, caring voice. To be friend, Mistress, or whatever fits in our dynamic.