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Mind Control Fragment – Margaret’s Rules

Another mind control fragment (4 minutes ) to add to our lovely collection.

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This one is for Margaret – The Lady’s MaidHave you done the trigger session yet?

maid hypnosis trigger
Margaret – Free download“Margaret” Lady’s Maid Trigger

It’s time to continue your training, to expand your mind, and to nestle my word runes deep within your subconscious. Of course, you might already be able to play the part of Pixie perfectly, whenever I desire, but my Lady’s Maid, Margaret, fits me so completely. When I call for her, I know I can expect my diligent servant, who makes my life better as she revels in being close, and pleasing to me.

Experience Elswyth’s take on maid training through erotic hypnosis. In this session, you are invited to step into the role of Margaret.

Margaret is my dutiful Lady’s Maid, so capable, she knows exactly how to be pleasing, and to make my life easier through her service. She is rewarded through closeness and with my trust. Unlike the other maid, constantly fawning and flirting, Margaret would never wish to be seen as so tawdry.