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Forniphilia – A Shared Daydream

Show Notes:

Forniphilia is a word that immediately excites the imagination. In this shared daydream session, experience being human furniture as well as statue modeling. It is depersonalisation with an intimate twist.

The session should be done after doing some stretching and warming up. You’re encouraged to follow the movements, but you may also simply imagine them. Nudity is optional. Again, if you don’t wish to do it in everyday life feel free to let your imagination play. This is a shared daydream after all.

Disclaimer: This session does incorporate “making new memories”. If this is something you do not wish to participate in, just skip this one and play another. It is meant to be immersive and was part of a collaborative (ongoing) effort with a dear patron.

I do not think all of my files will appeal to all of my listeners and that’s fine. It is part of the reason I offer a wide variety — they all appeal to me and that’s my benchmark.

Your breath catches and heartbeat speeds up as the music begins. You feel that stirring, the tingles along the nape of your neck, and you know you’re about to go under again. Under where you’ll be breathing deeply, body relaxed, and mind open for training.

Be captivated, captured, a willing victim of the best kind. Contained by words.

Some of my episodes don’t make to it to the podcast. Unlock all of them at Bottom tier gives you complete access to all patron-only content.

Mistress Elswyth is a trained hypnotherapist and lifestyle Mistress. You’ll experience an authentic hypnosis trance experience. She rewards all of her followers with similar pet treatment she gives her everyday life partners — plenty of mind melting and pleasurable sensations blended in with aftercare and re-rebuilding you.

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Release file has been released!

Happy day! The release file (Chastity Part B) is on its way to the early access Patron subscribers. Hope you enjoy! (And you really, really should).

This is the companion file to Chastity and SPH and will be released to the general public later.

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Chastity and SPH – Shared Daydream – Explicit Femdom Hypno

Part B “Release” Available Here.

It is time to experience chastity.

Have a device fitted especially for you and controlled by Mistress. This decadently erotic shared daydream takes you down the path of humiliation with a sprinkling of cuckolding.

You’ll need a private spot for this file, one where you can rest comfortably and won’t be interrupted. You may also need to sit on those naughty hands of yours to keep from touching.

You will be a good boy, won’t you?

**Note** On Friday there will be an Early Access release. My loyal lads will have early access to the file telling them exactly how to find release from chastity. Sound fun? Join in.