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Thursday – The Eternal Suitor

femdom hypnosis

The poll is leaning towards the gentleman suitor. 69% on a day when there are 69 Patrons. Y’all are giving me ideas!

Today’s Eunoia explores the eternal suitor, plus, offers you a chance at a permissive circumstance.

And continue to vote in the poll, it won’t close til Saturday.

Homework & Feedback

Anon Says:

That of a little, with adventures with a caring Domme.

ME – For those unfamiliar with this idea, the CGL intro explains it. Plus, it has cute animations.

A personalized sleep session recently requested a dream along these lines. “Governess” is now on my list of honorifics.

Anon Says:

I have been dreaming of being summoned by Mistress. I get on a plane and make the trip because I obey Mistress. When I get there it feels familiar as if this has happened dozens of times and there is no place that I would rather be. Something happens but I can’t remember what exactly. Now I am your doll, dressed in latex or whatever Mistress prefers this time because I obey. Maybe I am put in a vacuum bed and my mouth and cock used for my Goddesses pleasure. Regardless of how I was used I won’t remember it. Instead I may remember some pleasant conversation, things of that nature and be disappointed that the visit seemed so short. This may happen a couple of times a year, I am always eager to make the trip because it is Mistress and I obey. 

T says:

I have listened to numerous files since joining on Saturday. I like Mistress Elswyth to train me. I like Goddess Elswyth to punish or reward me. I like Queen Elswyth so i can be the queens throne. I worship and obey. Use me. I love your take on denial, feel free to show the pictures or praises i have sent you. I am in your control. Use me how you want. I love to worship my queen’s entire body. I would suck each toe and continue however my queen desires. I would act however mistress asks. I would punish or reward myself to goddess’s exact orders. Thank you for so many ways to express myself and fulfill my mistress’s wishes. I will try new things for mistress and trust that only good things come, from mistress.I will only send photos upon request. I suspect you get photos however i don’t know if you want them. I will not send unsolicited photos.

ME – Photos taken, and shared, in good taste are always welcome. I think most of us can agree on what pushes the line vs what is appropriate to send to a Mistress. While I don’t have enough time to blackmail anyone, you’re welcome to send them anonymously as well. Photos that include a story, or explanation, get extra praise.

I also enjoy the photos that tie into the permissive circumstances.

femdom hypnosis image

X says:

I would like to be a highly skilled trainee in a sex cult temple learning and being trained to be a sex god.  Ongoing adventure would be amazing!  Learning to pleasure a woman, last as long as I want and learning to have full body pleasure.  Id love to be subservient and trained by caring loving dominant tantrika. I see lots of bodies. Long red hooded cloaks, nude underneath.

ME – Is this temple in a sunny location with boats? If so, I’m in. Who am I kidding? This could be in a snow house and I’d find a way to make do!

D says:

Dear Mistress: I found release and satisfaction in the apartment. And now it is time to forget the experience. I was weak and addled all weekend with too much time on my hands. Thank you for my release nonetheless. I receive the vaccination today and needed to clear my mind. What a chastity game it was. I did work on the story but it has grown and grown. I have a new fetish developing, which started before I even knew of the camera. Maybe my story will accomplish it.

ME – D is an avid writer and I get to be an entertained audience. Lucky me.