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Personal Growth – Penis Enhancement Session (well, almost..)

goddess hypnosis

Penis enhancement is a mostly vanilla session dedicated to the one who seeks personal growth. It contains no humiliation and very little femdom overtones. It is unlikely to trigger negativity and should feel amazing.

Interestingly enough, this is the first personal growth pillar session for 2021. I guess I have something on my mind, eh? I’ve done quite a few sessions dedicated to lovely male bits ranging from chastity to joi, even some sph, but so far nobody has braved a request for growth.

Will you?

To request the session, simply copy and paste the request below into Patreon messenger. How easy is that?

Dearest ________* Elswyth,

I humbly ask for you to help me with my personal growth. Please send me the link to the Penis Enhancement session. I promise to use it responsibly and I thank you for giving me good things.

Sincerely yours,

*don’t forget to fill in the blanks!