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Friday Eunoia – A Refresher Series

monochrome photo of couple holding hands

I accept.

I’m recording next week’s Eunoia.. today. It is northern hemisphere-centric so those of you not in the northern hemisphere will, yet again, have to find some way to cope. I know it will be pleasurable, even if out of season!

The goal is for checking the diary to come out today. The reality is I’m up to my ankles in a report describing which qualitative methods to use for a charity’s research endeavours. So we will see what happens!

The new organisational plan for the website/sessions is still underway. It will definitely be up before 2021 hits, although “filling it in” will obviously be a long work in progress of creating together..

Personal sessions are still in the works. AND! I owe someone a thank-you for the smooth pink cotton sheets.. but Amazon didn’t include a slip.