Reflection In the Mirror – Femdom – Daily Deepening Practice

Daily Deepening Practice, Shared Daydreams

Hello lovelies! Come meet me in the mirror and we’ll work on your obedience. This file is for the good boys that want to let Mistress control their minds and their bodies. Is that you? Of course it is. Let’s go play.

Permission To Trance – Daily Deepening Practice

Daily Deepening Practice

Do you feel like you can’t be hypnotised? Give me your permission to trance and we’ll go on a practice run together. This file should be listened to in a quiet, relaxed spot where you’re unlikely to be interrupted. It is conversational and fun, no edging required.

Wandering Hands

Shared Daydreams

A shared daydream of femdom hypnosis.. where delightful hands (yours included) touch in all the right places. You’ll need privacy for this one.