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Friday Eunoia – Enjoy the Toy

Happy Friday! It is a bit of a somber day for some due to the 9/11 bombing anniversary. For others, we’re heading into more restrictions on social gatherings. I guess the only upside to this virus is we wouldn’t have met otherwise. It was a mix of downtime and required distancing that led to this lark. I’m thrilled it did.

I will be returning to putting Eunoia on YT as well. Most of you know that YT isn’t my happy place. I don’t mind it, I just find it to be impersonal compared to Patreon or here most of the time. It is a lot of in your face SUBSCRIBE NOW!!! type of content.

Two more brave souls shared their binding symbols with me. Isn’t *that* fun? They received their rewards as well. If you haven’t listened to The Collector’s Public invitation, you really should! It leads to The Collector’s Private invitation (for Patrons – check the google drive for it under The Collector folder) and further instructions. It all leads to closeness. If you are not a fan of Patreon, I’ve set the files up for sale as a collection here.


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