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Thursday Eunoia – Rhymes with Tuesday’s

I know that the ones who come *here* to find Eunoia will know this one. You’re usually the ones that pay close attention and love the little games.

I enjoyed doing this week’s Eunoia, though I think for next week we may change direction entirely. Should we focus on creativity? Should we focus on which sex toys offer the best ROI? Or maybe focus on .. focus? I’m thinking of something flirty that blends together focus, creativity, and.. um.. well, that’s it, really. Focus and creativity.

I do need something from you. I’ll likely post the same on Patreon for those too shy to share here (or just send me a message that way?).

What is your evening “ritual” before bed? Do you even have one? Be descriptive. Love, Mistress

2 thoughts on “Thursday Eunoia – Rhymes with Tuesday’s

  1. Dear Goddess,

    I found a beautiful temple where I shall worship you, my Goddess.  It is situated on the shore of a mystical pond.  The swans glide majestically through the water and the ducks float in the air like leafs fallen from the trees. The scenery is ethereal like yourself. It feels perfect for meditation and, when I’m blessed by your grace, for trance.

    I’ll post the picture for you in my personal file on Google Drive.

    Could it be that today’s word is Deity?

    Pieteous greetings from your devoted

    1. It is. Thanks for tucking the pic into your folder, I especially like the rowers — both in my imagination and your reality!

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