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Checking the Diary for Friday the 18th of December

In what will likely be the last Checking the Diary of 2020 I mention a Google Form, where I’m collecting Naughty and Nice Words. Click Here if you haven’t already visited and shared your words and phrases for 2021.

6 thoughts on “Checking the Diary for Friday the 18th of December

  1. The two teased pillars are intriguing. Shrinking and regression are new to me. I am willing to be guided into an exploration of both. Thanks.

    1. Well, good.. because I enjoy leading and having you follow.

  2. You work so hard, Goddess. And, on so many interesting . . . fun things. And, with such care.

    1. I do, but it is rewarding as well. I enjoy creating together.

  3. Enjoy family and friends, Goddess. May You Re-create and Rejuvenate. You did point out to us that it is the season of Winter, (and this dark time of indigo, of kidneys Ooooo, of deep Waters of Wisdom).

    1. Thank you. It appears that the sudden lockdown announcement (started at midnight) has created quite a bit of chaos here. Hoping people are able to make the best of the situation all around. I heard they had queues around the block for many stores. It looked like an American black Friday event.

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