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Eunoia (Position Training) – Thursday

This week’s eunoia is all about holding a pose. While it is best to do the movements, I realise not everyone can move during their daily devotion. If you can’t, be thankful for the marvellous imagination that you hone to peak performance.

After the conclusion of the week, this Eunoia will morph into one continuous hypno session. Why? So my dear happy harem member can practice it regularly. Practice does make perfect, after all! So this week you may practice as part of your daily devotion. Subsequently, you will practice while blissfully entranced by your Mistress. Aware or not, we still always manage to have fun.

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  1. Dearest Mistress: I feel like I am missing something, because this post has been up for 9 hours, but as far as I can tell what is posted here is a PNG file (an image), not an audio file. (Which is to say, I cannot play the audio.) Is it me?

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