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Voice in the Background: Violet

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This is the first stone in the Sabriel pillar. It is a voice in the background session, not hypnosis. Instead, it is a way for us to build a connection outside of our hypnotic session. The story of Sabriel will be an ongoing slow seduction. The story of a man who thought he was in an average, everyday relationship. It won’t be for everyone, it is for those love to indulge in the fantasy of being caught and manipulated by a clever Mistress.

The music for this session is bespoke and made entirely for this series. I’m debating if it should be reserved for only Voice in the Background sessions or perhaps for the Sabriel sessions?

And tomorrow.. fingers crossed.. our bondage session will be released on Patreon.

5 thoughts on “Voice in the Background: Violet

  1. Mistress – Thank you. That was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

  2. This is spectacular. And it gets even better with each additional listen. So mindless right now. Thank you Mistress.

    1. You’re welcome. I love the Sabriel storyline, I have quite a bit of it ready, except for a certain trigger phrase. I keep waffling on what exactly I want to use for it. The same is true for my beloved Pocket Pet one. Maybe the spring weather will be the muse that I need.

  3. […] clever enough to know that this is leading to a session, right? But not just any session. You have listened to the non-hypnosis Violet. (If you haven’t – tsk!) It is a voice in the background session, which means no femdom […]

  4. […] Violet – A voice in the background (non-hypno) session, talking about finding Sabriel. […]

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