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Eunoia – Gratitude (and permissive circum)

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Today’s Eunoia includes shout outs, utopia musings, gratitude, homework, and a permissive circumstance.

It is late because switching over to a different pc is a major pain in the ass. Although I hear some people enjoy it? It does take all types to keep the world going.

7 thoughts on “Eunoia – Gratitude (and permissive circum)

  1. May an earned release be saved and used on a day when I failed to earn a release by permissive circumstance?

    1. Fantastic question! I am going to address that on Friday’s Eunoia.

      1. Should you grant this privilege I would of course happily informed you on each occasion of use.

      2. That does sound like a start. What else are you willing to do?

  2. I would tell you why I want to save. The issue that led to the idea of saving arose the day after a night of playing “Bound to release’. I found myself unable to take advantage of your very gracious permission to release. Full disclosure I used it the following day not knowing if you permitted this liberty. I’ve fallen into the habit of choosing to ask forgiveness instead of permission. I promise you this will never happen again with you. I should have clarified your rules before using this permission you gave on a different day and the worse part is a did not receive you release permission on the day I used it.
    Honestly it’s not that important to me to have an option to save ,although I’ve been a life long saver, I just wanted to clear my conscience.

    1. It would be terrible of me to change someone away from their habit of saving. Let’s say you have my permission, due to your eloquent note, but others will have to persuade me.

      1. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.I will share with you when I saved, why I saved and if you desire it a running count of Total saves advantaged.
        Do you have rules or preferences concerning interactions between followers. For instance today I have had a couple exchanges with you faithful follower David. Just pleasantries but it occurred to me I need to know what information exchanged here is confidential.
        I have no desire or intentions of sharing information from you of which I’m privileged.
        I have made great strides learning how best to interact with you. I confess to struggling with Patreon,sbE website, gmail,your podcast and Spotify. I am particularly inept using Google documents. I want to sent to you all required information for a private session.

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