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Introducing Margaret

Thank you all for being so patient with me as my voice recovered from an unpleasant cold. Unfortunately, a cough always seems to linger and I simply wasn’t happy with the sound of my voice, at least not enough to record anything that should be listened to more than once.

For all my followers I present the second Maid Training trigger setting session. I’m going to focus on releasing another full length session as soon as possible, rather than continuing Eunoia for the time being, though who knows what might happen in the next few days! I know I’m missing our Sunday together time, . If this session is valuable to you, visit the shop and you can download it for free, with an easy way to leave a tip. I can’t wait to continue exploring the world my dear maids inhabit, starting with a delightful dinner party to which fun and flirty Pixie will attend.

This session

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